• Served competently as a rifleman for Eagle Troop, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, demonstrating proficiency in combat operations.
  • Kept the chain of command informed on changing terrain during evolving operations, ensuring unit integrity and effective decision-making.
  • Demonstrated responsibility as a soldier, thoroughly preparing and paying attention to detail during daily operations, ensuring support requirements were met for all training exercises.
  • Coordinated consistently with the mission commander, ensuring dismounted units reached the objective in a timely manner to complete assigned tasks.
  • Ensured all equipment was fully mission capable (FMC) before every training exercise, showcasing exceptional organizational skills that resulted in effective communication and freedom of maneuver for the team.
  • Attended the J2 (Intelligence) pre-operation brief, gaining knowledge of enemy composition and strength, and conducted night movements prepared for enemy tactics.
  • Assisted in training soldiers on shooting, moving, and communicating, playing a vital role in the successful completion of 2nd squad’s part in the platoon Live Fire Exercise (LFX).
  • Distinguished himself as an extremely talented Ammo Bearer and Assistant Gunner while assigned to Hatchet Headquarters Company, 2-4 IN Battalion.
  • Set the example for all other soldiers to emulate at the Soldier of the Month Board and Brigade Soldier of the Quarter, winning the board over peers and other units.
  • Assisted in setting up communication support for CTX (Command Post Exercise) operations, facilitating effective command and control.
  • Participated in over 100 mounted and dismounted patrols, providing 8 hours of Combat Lifesaver (CLS), intravenous (IV) therapy, and other first-aid training to both Marines and their Afghan counterparts.
  • Adapted to changing circumstances, transitioning to a dismounted role after serving as a driver for gunnery, and assisted in training soldiers on shooting, moving, and communicating to standard.
  • Led a squad of combat engineers as a dismounted route clearance operations team leader, providing freedom of maneuver for coalition forces.
  • Accepted responsibility for the Arms Room, demonstrating technical knowledge and determination that exceeded standards during three Arms Room inspections.
  • Accountable for over $2,000,000 worth of high-value equipment as the HQ Troop’s armorer for 13 months, ensuring its proper maintenance and serviceability.
  • Helped the unit prepare for a 9-month deployment to the ARCENT (U.S. Army Central) AOR (Area of Responsibility) in support of Operation Spartan Shield, reducing after-action items by 50%.
  • Planned dismount and remount points along the designated route, successfully avoiding detection and direct fire when the dismounted element had to remount.
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