Creates a Positive Environment

  • Mentored new soldiers until they established themselves in the work center, fostering shop harmony and efficiency.
  • Made on-the-spot corrections and maintained a workplace climate that fostered dignity and respect for all soldiers and civilians.
  • Showed genuine concern for soldiers’ personal and professional development, fostering a professional and productive environment.
  • Established a workplace climate that fostered dignity and respect for all soldiers.
  • Trained soldiers on Equal Opportunity (EO) guidelines and reporting procedures, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and team building.
  • Fostered an environment of unbiased treatment, cultural awareness, and resiliency.
  • Ensured newly assigned soldiers were properly trained and understood the company mission, removing all obstacles to their professional development.
  • Demonstrated genuine concern for the personal and professional well-being of his soldiers, fostering a professional climate in the section.
  • Taught soldiers team-building skills, resulting in a 93% graduation rate over three cycles, the highest in the company.
  • Maintained a professional climate, providing the foundation for unhindered development and growth.

Fosters Esprit de Corps

  • Welcomed new arrivals and integrated soldiers from several units into a capable and productive team.
  • Provided constructive criticism as well as praise, building trust with subordinates and earning enduring loyalty.
  • United a team of active duty, Reserve, and National Guard soldiers into one cohesive organization.
  • Maintained two-way communication with his team, ensuring information was disseminated and soldier needs were met.
  • Stood up for younger soldiers within the brigade, demonstrating respect and value for individual differences and diversity.
  • Enforced strict adherence to the SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention) program policies within his squad, building a foundation for unit camaraderie.
  • Held all soldiers equally accountable for their actions and standards, leading a united team to unprecedented levels.
  • Delivered frequent developmental counseling, strengthening weaknesses within the squad.
  • Guided his subordinates towards team accomplishment, increasing personal and section resilience.
  • Molded a new platoon into an effective fighting unit in less than 4 months, ready for combat deployment.

Prepares Self

  • Sought solutions to potential problems before presenting them to leaders, finding answers instead of making excuses.
  • Improved marksmanship skills during IWQ (Individual Weapons Qualification), increasing her score by 27 points.
  • Assumed responsibility for new and unfamiliar tasks, learning them and then teaching others, increasing METL (Mission Essential Task List) coverage by 40%.
  • Worked for months in advance on his admin and training records, ensuring his promotion packet was complete and ready for the next board.
  • Completed the Command Post of the Future (CPOF) operator course and Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) course, filling critical vacancies in the 209th.
  • Expanded his knowledge base through professional reading, completing 28 books from various Service Professional Reading Lists.
  • Pursued professional and personal development, diligently working on a Bachelor’s degree while maintaining a GPA of 3.83.

Develops Others

  • Trusted junior soldiers with critical segments of the mission, turning bystanders into invested leaders.
  • Encouraged soldiers to attempt complex tasks, viewing mistakes as steps toward success rather than failures.
  • Delegated effectively and empowered subordinates, producing the most effective and capable soldiers in the battalion.
  • Challenged soldiers with incrementally harder tasks, increasing their confidence and developing an effective team.
  • Submitted six awards, recognizing achievements, boosting morale, and encouraging soldiers’ self-improvement and growth.
  • Motivated subordinates to reach education goals, resulting in two soldiers beginning bachelor’s programs.
  • Coached two soldiers and one NCO for the promotion board, resulting in all of them earning promotable status.
  • Encouraged soldiers to take on new tasks, successfully deploying four teams to JCETS USSOUTHCOM.
  • Seized opportunities to teach, coach, and mentor, improving the team’s productivity by 50% in less than 6 months.
  • Motivated and prepared soldiers for professional military schools, with all of his squad members completing WLC (Warrior Leader Course) with top scores.
  • Invested time in establishing relationships with soldiers, discussing career and personal goals, and improving morale dramatically.
  • Counseled and spot-corrected soldiers on deficiencies and trends consistently, grooming the team for success.
  • Provided subordinates with positive feedback and appreciation, giving soldiers the confidence needed to take on more responsibility.
  • Inspired subordinates to gain experience, resulting in soldiers performing beyond expectations and exceeding self-imposed limitations.
  • Encouraged soldiers to continue their education, resulting in three soldiers increasing their GT (General Technical) scores above 110 and enrolling in 8 credit hours of college.
  • Rehabilitated problem soldiers, renewing motivation and workplace morale.
  • Counseled the team regularly to exploit growth opportunities, preparing subordinates for advancement.

Stewards the Profession

  • Made an effort to welcome new arrivals and integrate them into recruiting, a key factor in the team’s recruiting productivity.
  • Demonstrated care for subordinates, discussing suicide awareness and instructing them on how to ask tough questions to those considering self-harm.
  • Used her 68W (Health Care Specialist) experience to enhance RSP (Recruit Sustainment Program) First Aid classes and provided realistic medical training during drill weekends.
  • Mentored her replacement on how to perform in her position, enabling her to achieve success without incident.
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