Develops Ncoer Bullet Comments

  • During a period of high AGR turnover, she mentored and trained 7 unit admin NCOs on current practices and trends, building trust between units and the BN staff.
  • Procured new training areas, allowing for more diversity in training opportunities and a richer training experience.
  • Influenced the platoon to receive a “GO” in four platoon-level METL training tasks, ensuring soldiers’ proficiency in CBRN Reconnaissance tasks.
  • Improved marksmanship skills during IWQ, increasing the score to 38 points.
  • Inspired peers to pursue educational goals, resulting in soldiers beginning college programs.
  • Took proactive measures to find solutions to potential problems before presenting them to leaders, focusing on finding answers rather than making excuses.
  • Incorporated crew-served weapons during field training exercises, with only one missed target out of 1500 meters with the Browning Machine Gun.
  • Improved her marksmanship skills during IWQ, increasing her score to 27 points.
  • Submitted six awards, recognizing achievements, boosting morale, and fostering the development of soldiers.
  • Provided constructive criticism and praise, building trust with subordinates and cultivating enduring loyalty.
  • Made efforts to welcome new arrivals and integrate them into recruiting, playing a key role in the team’s recruiting productivity.
  • Demonstrated care for subordinates by discussing suicide awareness and instructing them on how to ask tough questions to individuals considering self-harm.
  • Assumed responsibility for new and unfamiliar tasks, learning them and then teaching others, resulting in a 40% increase in METL coverage.
  • Motivated subordinates to pursue educational goals, resulting in two soldiers beginning bachelor’s programs.
  • Trained two soldiers and one NCO for the promotion board, leading to all of them earning promotable status.
  • Worked tirelessly months in advance on his admin and training records, ensuring his promotion packet was complete and ready for the next board.
  • Encouraged soldiers to attempt complex tasks, successfully deploying four teams to JCETS USSOUTHCOM.
  • Utilized his 68W experience to enhance RSP First Aid classes and provide realistic medical training during drill weekends.
  • Selected over 8 soldiers to conduct RSP Blue Phase training, ensuring recruits are fully prepared to attend IADT.
  • Taught PMI and weapons drills on crew-served heavy weapons, leveraging years of experience as a gunner.
  • Always willing to train and work with new soldiers to bring them up to date on effective ways to complete missions.
  • Always leads with a positive attitude, showing junior soldiers how to remain positive even in the face of adversity.
  • Coached one junior NCO to win the NCO of the month board and mentored him to earn his promotable status.
  • Mentored his replacement on how to perform in his position, enabling her to achieve success without incident.
  • Willingly shares his knowledge and insight.
  • Volunteered to pace a soldier struggling with the APFT run event, continuously offering words of encouragement.
  • Demonstrated optimism and encouraged others to develop and achieve, seizing opportunities to teach, coach, and mentor, resulting in improved team productivity.
  • Chosen to be the NCOIC for the 209TH’s Tomahawk Challenge 8-mile ruck march, responsible for completing the CONOP, DRAW, and route recon.
  • Completed the Command Post of the Future (CPOF) operator course and Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) course, fulfilling critical additional duties in the 209TH.
  • Trusted junior soldiers with critical segments of the mission, transforming bystanders into invested leaders.
  • Encouraged soldiers to attempt complex tasks, viewing mistakes as steps toward success rather than failures.
  • Revised METL phases into a simple-to-complex order to improve task completion rates.
  • Motivated and prepared soldiers for professional military schools, resulting in all of his squad members completing WLC with top scores.
  • Volunteered to prepare for and participate in the Soldier of the Month board, producing effective leaders.
  • Proactively guided his subordinates towards team accomplishment on time and with great accuracy for the CMT/CST.
  • Mentored new soldiers until they established themselves in the work center, facilitating shop harmony and efficiency.
  • Invested time and effort to establish relationships with soldiers, discussing career and personal goals, leading to a dramatic improvement in morale.
  • Committed to teaching soldiers common tasks and team-building skills, resulting in a 93% graduation rate over three cycles, the highest in the company.
  • Coached a new planner in completing his duties, identifying routine obstacles and workarounds, guaranteeing operational success for the entire team.
  • Researched, developed, and implemented various training exercises to improve overall training effectiveness.
  • Groomed the team for success by consistently counseling and spot correcting soldiers on deficiencies and trends, directing them in the right path.
  • Involved with soldiers, working long hours to ensure newly assigned soldiers were properly trained and understood the company mission.
  • Made efforts to welcome new arrivals and integrate them into daily operations, playing a key role in the section’s readiness.
  • Motivated soldiers to excel during the company APFT, resulting in an average score of over 290 and fostering teamwork and esprit de corps within his team.
  • Established a Fusion Sergeant’s Time Training for soldiers of all ranks, honing technical skills and improving weak analytical skills within the team.
  • Involved in the career decisions of soldiers, providing them with the necessary knowledge to make informed and intelligent choices.
  • Mentored the Geospatial SNCO on All-Source Operations, enabling the organization to have a better understanding of the Intelligence Warfighting Function.
  • Developed soldiers through positive counseling, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Groomed the platoon for success, tracking and arranging necessary training for advancement.
  • Encouraged a workplace climate that fostered dignity and respect for all soldiers and civilians through on-the-spot corrections.
  • Taught soldiers to meet challenges and objectives, accomplishing critical mission tasks despite the absence of supervision.
  • Shared knowledge and experience, playing a key role in preparing soldiers for future deployments and contingency operations.
  • Trained soldiers on EO guidelines and reporting procedures, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and team building.
  • Encouraged soldiers to continue their education, resulting in three soldiers increasing their GT scores above 110 and enrolling in 4 credit hours of college.
  • Demonstrated care for soldiers by inspiring and developing their performance through counseling.
  • Prepared subordinates for advancement through regular counseling, ensuring all growth opportunities were maximized.
  • Challenged junior NCOs by assigning them additional areas of responsibility, promoting continuous professional growth.
  • Concentrated on soldier potential by promoting development and learning in a beneficial environment, focusing on their growth rather than dwelling on deficiencies.
  • Established a workplace and overall climate that fostered dignity and respect for all members of the group.
  • Delegated effectively and empowered subordinates, producing the most effective and mature technicians in the battalion.
  • Improved the overall command climate by enforcing the SHARP program, leading and training the team on how to Intervene, Act, and Motivate.
  • Effectively communicated with soldiers, providing guidance and motivation for subordinates.
  • Recognized and rewarded superior performance, using counseling statements to provide soldiers with positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.
  • Cross-trained all soldiers on her team to ensure uninterrupted service to customers on COB Adder and FOB Echo, Iraq.
  • Promoted a climate of dignity and respect, adherence to the requirements of the SHARP program, and fostered a positive EO/EEO environment.
  • Inspired two soldiers to pursue personal growth through the Basic Education Skills Program, resulting in an elevation of the soldiers’ GT score.
  • Successfully prepared five soldiers for the promotion board, leading to the selection of all five for promotion.
  • Cultivated an environment conducive to professional development by organizing monthly Soldier and NCO boards, which resulted in the commendation of 5 out of 6 soldiers for promotion.
  • Diligently monitored the qualifications of her soldiers, arranged additional training opportunities, and encouraged their professional advancement, thereby maximizing their potential.
  • Ensured that his soldiers grasped the significance of accounting for their personal and assigned equipment, resulting in zero losses during the rating period.
  • Promoted a professional and safe work environment that adhered to guidelines for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

Needs Improvement/ Did Not Meet Standard

  • Displayed occasional unawareness of the whereabouts of soldiers.
  • Failed to establish protocols for securing and accounting for ammunition.
  • Frequently expressed grievances about leadership to subordinates, creating conflicts with senior leaders.
  • Adopted a more informal approach towards subordinates, fostering an unprofessional atmosphere at times.
  • Hindered advancement by exclusively assigning difficult PMIS tasks to senior soldiers and penalizing junior personnel for unsuccessful attempts.
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