• Served as the Directorate Defense Travel System Approving Official, conducting audits of 15 DTS personnel sites in Army units located in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
  • Reviewed and certified 57 authorizations and 48 vouchers worth $110,000, ensuring prompt Government Travel Card payments without delays or kickbacks.
  • Played a crucial role in driving Civil Engineer support for the command’s largest exercise, sourcing and organizing 1.9K engineers and creating CENTRIX accounts for 30 personnel, significantly expanding contingency capabilities.
  • Tracked over 1,500 Out of Service Debt and Claims cases, ranging from $200 to $200,000, ensuring prompt resolution and correction of DFAS customers’ problems.
  • Exemplifies DTS management expertise, being the only person in the command who has completed all 11 DTS courses.
  • Served as the Defense Travel System and Government Travel Card manager for the Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, ensuring smooth and error-free transitions for all soldiers and officers on temporary duty.
  • Assisted the Brigade Operations SGM and the Brigade Training Officer with daily operations in the S3 section, gaining critical experience and providing sustained support.
  • Selected over peers as the Primary DTS reviewer for the 194th Engineer Brigade, resulting in a 90% increase in accuracy and a 50% reduction in processing time.
  • Conducted thorough training with the Brigade ODTAs, improving the DTS voucher submission rate and reducing the delinquency rate by 15%.
  • Served as the Defense Travel System (DTS) administrator for one year, managing over 6,000 accounts and demonstrating capabilities as an efficient and effective team player.
  • Trained 10 reviewing officials, validated $120,000 in government travel card payouts, and reduced the voucher return rate by 50%.
  • Provided assistance to members during duty and non-duty hours to ensure correct completion of vouchers for travel and per diem payments, enhancing the unit’s ability to fulfill mission objectives.
  • Provided expert fiscal guidance to Battalion leadership and meticulously monitored the execution of over $200 million from the Operations and Maintenance appropriation.
  • Eliminated defense travel deficiencies by eliminating a single point of failure for authorization and voucher submissions, restoring efficient operations.
  • Processed over 500 finance vouchers and established deployment readiness by working diligently every day for a week to handle all 1st Engineer Battalion Soldiers single-handedly.
  • Coded over 100 enlistment bonuses and assisted 200 soldiers in special actions with reserves, National Guard, and active soldiers.
  • Completed travel documents, resolved pay issues, and set up soldiers’ Defense Travel System profiles, resulting in a 50% increase in manning and a 40% reduction in travel delays.
  • Briefed over 500 soldiers on their entitlements and coded over 20 transactions for IOP, ensuring sustained operations despite a manpower shortfall.
  • Optimized the financial readiness of over 100 service members who were PCSing or separating from the service while working at the front desk.
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