Pavements & Equipment Operator

  • Successfully poured 78 cubic feet of concrete while ensuring a smooth electric and plumbing transition, resulting in the renewal of the main gate entry.
  • Provided exceptional runway repairs that were crucial for facilitating over 1,000 takeoffs and landings of C-130s and numerous civilian aircraft assigned to the area.
  • Skillfully placed and secured 178 security barriers, significantly enhancing security measures for over 10,000 Soldiers and allowing for a more relaxed security posture within the compound.
  • Played a vital role in supporting the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team with a self-help project, which involved moving 20 tons of earth and concrete. This ensured the on-schedule continuation of the drawdown process.
  • Engineered a provisional runway that enabled the initial air delivery of critical supplies and fuel, bolstering mission readiness.
  • Repaired over 500 square feet of damaged airfield pavement, facilitating the delivery of essential supplies to deployed locations where forces were eagerly awaiting them.
  • Identified and promptly repaired twelve damaged areas on the runway, effectively minimizing mission delays.
  • Provided oversight and close monitoring of the RED HORSE project’s progress. Through meticulous attention to detail, accurately predicted future equipment requirements and successfully requisitioned D7 dozers and excavators. The timely arrival of these resources ensured that the project remained on schedule.
  • Established a reputation as a dependable team member, volunteering for details that others were hesitant to take on, including fuel detail, water detail, and latrine detail.
  • Made significant contributions to the effectiveness and success of projects Triad TOC and Motorpool 22, while expertly operating and maintaining equipment and materials valued at over $500,000.
  • Played a crucial role in airfield site operations during projects SP245 and SP078, contributing to the overall success of the Platoon.
  • Logged over 200 hours operating various equipment, such as dozers, graders, scrapers, as well as the HYEX, BHL, and bomag, during the Fort Riley Airfield project.
  • Cleared and prepared over 100 meters of trees and shrubs, and skillfully laid over 200 meters of concertina wire and pickets, ensuring enhanced security measures.
  • Provided supervision for the mixing of 30,000 pounds of concrete and the successful completion of four drainage ditches, contributing to improved infrastructure and site functionality.
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