COMSEC Custodian Duty Descriptions

COMSEC Custodian

A COMSEC Custodian is responsible for managing classified equipment, materials, and information in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) COMSEC policies. They securely store classified material, maintain a COMSEC access list, and limit access to authorized personnel only. The custodian ensures accountability of all COMSEC material and submits required accounting reports. They conduct briefings for users and maintain records of initial briefings and debriefings. Additionally, they program and distribute COMSEC devices, order and receive COMSEC keying material, and manage keying material using the Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) and Simple Key Loader (SKL) systems. They are also responsible for re-keying circuits as necessary.

Another COMSEC Custodian

The role of a COMSEC Custodian is to oversee the accurate inventory, distribution, accountability, and destruction of COMSEC keys and related materials. They are responsible for maintaining COMSEC material and equipment such as key tapes, firefly keys, electronic keys, SDNS products, and STEs. They serve as subject matter experts for the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS), Data Transfer Devices (DTDs), Simple Key Loader (SKL), KIV-7, and KG-175D (TACLANE). The custodian coordinates with EKMS users to determine keying requirements, trains personnel on handling COMSEC material, and ensures adherence to COMSEC procedures. They also maintain secure storage and physical security measures for all COMSEC material and ensure timely destruction when required.

Another COMSEC Custodian

The COMSEC Custodian has the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the COMSEC/TRANSEC (Transmission Security) program. They maintain records and files, issue and recover COMSEC equipment, and prepare and submit account correspondence, messages, and accounting reports accurately and promptly. The custodian provides written guidance on the handling, accountability, disposition, and security of all equipment. They review COMSEC message traffic and documents to ensure compliance with current Joint COMSEC Management procedures. In case of a compromise or loss of COMSEC material, the custodian responds to crisis situations and takes appropriate action.

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