• Acted as company commander and deputy during their absence with no degradation in operations or mission accomplishment.
  • Assigned NCOs to mentor and develop lower enlisted and junior NCOs and monitored their progress.
  • Assisted NCOICs with section management, overcoming personality conflicts with intra-unit transfers and counseling.
  • Augmented the First Sergeant, ensuring the health, morale, and safety of over 300 Soldiers, and recognized by the Commander.
  • Balanced workload, prioritized tasks, and assigned available resources with no adverse effect on the mission.
  • Cultivated an atmosphere of harmony and trust, facilitating Battalion-wide climate improvement and reinforcing Army values.
  • Conducted NCODP on NCOERs and professional development, ensuring standards were applied equally and fairly.
  • Developed briefing and tracking aids to support accurate and timely reporting and tracking of personnel, equipment, and supplies across 4 operational locations.
  • Delegated effectively and trusted unit NCOs with key responsibilities, resulting in improved site output.
  • Ensured all Company inventories were scheduled and completed.
  • Established a Memorandum of Agreement with Air Force Admin section to provide admin support for deployed Soldiers, restoring timely support.
  • Executed all required logistical preparations and reporting of all logistical statuses, including accounting for 125 weapons.
  • Facilitated counseling and maintained Soldier confidentiality during difficult situations until resolved.
  • Demonstrated fearlessness as a senior NCO, identifying and stopping behavior risking group conflict or harassment claims and holding the work center to standards.
  • Followed up on training milestones, improving key coverage by 80% in less than 3 months.
  • Fostered open, candid, and frequent communications between command and all Bn members.
  • Exercised hands-on leadership, enforcing compliance with instructions and securing a 95% QA pass rate for FY18.
  • Identified training shortfalls and developed a training schedule, coordinating with sections to ensure compliance.
  • Implemented a rigorous Special Emphasis PRT program that removed 12 Soldiers from the Army Body Composition Program.
  • Increased unit mobilization readiness and enhanced intelligence production support to the Command.
  • Initiated discharge process for chronic disciplinary problem, removing them from office and restoring team spirit.
  • Instituted daily inspections to guarantee all vehicles were kept mission-capable and ready to roll.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all visitors, vendors, and service providers to the battalion, increasing security by 30%.
  • Demonstrated mature leadership and management, replacing two Staff Sergeants who neglected their duties and producing immediate improvement in morale and training progress.
  • Met regularly with NCOICs to stay abreast of personnel needs and family concerns.
  • Played a significant role in further developing the Ukrainian CTC staff NCOs and enlisted soldiers by providing additional training.
  • Rallied Bn and tackled three major taskings simultaneously, loading and launching 13 truck convoys in less than 48 hours.
  • Reviewed and revised the Soldier accountability and reporting system to ensure accurate accounting.
  • Served as Acting Command Sergeant Major, maintaining the readiness and cohesion of the Battalion.
  • Submitted accurate RAMS reports weekly and on time every time, providing real-time visibility into defense readiness.
  • Supervised day-to-day operations of the admin staff.
  • Tracked the daily movement of 155 Soldiers and provided 100% accurate accountability reporting to the Battalion S1.
  • Trusted subordinates with critical portions of the mission, reaping benefits of exponential growth and unprecedented productivity.
  • Updated DCO and provided situational awareness on weather, LOGSTATS, PERSTAT, medical evacuation status, and ongoing operations.
  • Followed up on all paperwork and made sure all warriors had proper badges for assigned duties.
  • Identified lack of administrative support for Soldiers and worked with the Commander to expand office capability.
  • Led a headquarters company command through significant pre-mobilization challenges.
  • Led a senior Brigade staff through an Annual Training period with elements scattered across Fort Indiantown Gap.
  • Prepared members for deployment with meticulous review of private, family, and business concerns, improving readiness and morale.
  • Processed required administrative paperwork during ongoing operations, resulting in the promotion of fellow Soldiers.
  • Prosecuted barracks violations rather than ignore them, making barracks inspections rarely necessary now.
  • Served as unit Readiness NCO while the unit was deployed.
  • Submitted weekly reports and conducted weekly command teleconferences, correcting a long-standing intel void.
  • Superbly managed and supported the pre-deployment training and preparation of 154 Joint Service Members and their associated equipment for OEF and OND.
  • Supported numerous missions for deploying units while participating in numerous CPX, MRX, MDMP, and BCST training events.
  • Took the initiative to take over the Battalion Strength Report (BSR) and assist in tracking over 500 personnel for the 2nd Battalion while assigned to the S1.
  • Tracked and monitored training attendance by down trace units.
  • Worked closely with Battalion to ensure adherence to all of the commander’s policies and position the unit for deployment.
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