Command Recommendation


SUBJECT: Command Recommendation for SPC (P) Barnes

  1. I am privileged to have worked with SPC. Barnes, a selfless, hardworking, and performance-oriented individual. Her dedication to her role as a member of the O9Ls Company and her support to CJTF-OIR exemplify her professionalism and enthusiasm.
  2. SPC Barnes, as an Active Duty Soldier with O9Ls Company, has proven to be an indispensable asset, providing invaluable expertise and insights. Serving as the translator for CJTF-OIR’s missions, she has made noteworthy contributions to her team, showcasing her extensive knowledge in the translation field. Moreover, she has exhibited exceptional work ethic, outperforming her peers at the PLDC, and has pursued higher education, reflecting her dedication to both her professional and personal growth.
  3. Beyond her technical skills, SPC Barnes stands out as an exemplary Specialist who goes above and beyond to support, mentor, and ensure the well-being of her fellow Soldiers. Her optimistic personality and willingness to lend a hand leave a lasting impression. Her intellect, adaptability, and experience make her well-suited for future roles, including that of an NCO. Retaining SPC Barnes would be a wise decision as she possesses unlimited potential to continue contributing to CJTF-OIR, particularly within CJ2 on language and translation.
  4. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to submit this letter on behalf of a truly professional future noncommissioned officer. If there are any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

MAJ. Abdelazeem, Amr (USA)
TLM/FDO Manager
[email protected]

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