• Maintained 100% accountability of $2.5 million worth of Chemical equipment during company CSTX 2014 held at Fort McClellan, AL, sustaining mission readiness.
  • Inventoried, inspected, and completed load cards for all section equipment needed for the CSTX, improving deployment and redeployment by 50%.
  • Fed more than 1,460 soldiers around the clock during CSTX at Fort Hunter Liggett, CA, extending the unit’s reach and military effectiveness through field kitchen operations.
  • Trained seven junior soldiers on garrison and field operations, demonstrating outstanding cooking skills and leadership resulting in the daily feeding of over 1,500 soldiers.
  • Served as the food section NCOIC for Delta Forward Support Company in support of the 1/124 Cavalry during annual training, delivering stellar results.
  • Operated as the food section NCOIC for 19 days during annual training despite a lack of culinary managers, overcoming all obstacles to complete the mission.
  • Stood up two Battalion Aid Stations (BAS) at CSTX 17-2 held at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin for over 9,000 Soldiers, mitigating a variety of risks and sustaining operations.
  • Trained 10 battalion aid station medics in sick call procedures and medevac, demonstrating foresight and preparation resulting in the ability to treat all encountered conditions.
  • Endured long hours of preparation to accomplish the unit’s mission of law and order operations during annual training.
  • Took charge of and assumed responsibility for an annual training event for 250 Soldiers when there were no orders.
  • Reported prior to first formation and staged all vehicles prior to convoying to Ft. Bragg for annual training, demonstrating initiative and teamwork.
  • Assisted in preparing meals for over 200 soldiers twice a day during the entire 14-day period, meeting all meal times despite being under strength.
  • Developed a successful APFT program, ensuring a 100% pass rate for all soldiers taking the PT test during annual training.
  • Planned and executed three Warrior Training Tasks (WTT) with a 100% pass rate, increasing personnel readiness.
  • Identified specific warrior task training and leadership development skills required for unit competency and arranged and delivered effective training.
  • Demonstrated superior leadership by training and mentoring soldiers, optimizing limited training opportunities.
  • Integrated Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team within the company, streamlining all aspects of their operations.
  • His willingness to accept additional responsibilities was vital to Delta Company’s success.
  • Served as the acting platoon sergeant, a position two levels above his pay grade, restoring unit effectiveness.
  • Worked outside his MOS on multiple occasions to provide training to S2 section, multiplying unit effectiveness.
  • Taught Active Listening class and PRT, demonstrating maturity and technical skills well beyond his rank and pay grade.
  • Rehearsed techniques and procedures during CSTX August 2013 at Ft. McCoy, WI, providing excellent stabilization and treatment of over 170 patients during the CSTX.
  • Demonstrated a pattern of outstanding performance during the preparation, execution, and recovery of CSTX 86-18-04, contributing to the best training effort in over six years.
  • Showed rare situational awareness and tactical knowledge and understanding of all operations, key to the 325th TC Unit of the Cycle during CSTX 86-18-04.
  • Ensured the successful training of 17 Soldiers assigned to his platoon in 32 Army Warrior Tasks, increasing unit readiness to 90%.
  • Received, sorted, and stocked $15,000 worth of Annual Training supplies in 24 hours, leading to efficient loading and convoy.
  • Managed night communications for the Command Post while in the field, sustaining operations while simultaneously meeting personal qualification requirements.
  • Volunteered to work hours before and after his shift, overcoming manning shortage and restoring failing mission through devotion to duty.
  • Took initiative to set up the Mayor Cell MWR function and operate it, a key component of unit morale.
  • Created a comprehensive inventory and checklist for each section, eliminating the need for a trip to the home station for forgotten equipment or crypto during annual training.
  • Coordinated, planned, and scheduled vendors to assist in the refurbishment project of the new building, delivering an enhanced training facility.
  • Trained 38 Soldiers from the 235th Engineer Company (SAPPER) during their subterranean operations (STOP) training, increasing safety and expanding capabilities.
  • Continuous dedication and determination ensured mission readiness and enhanced operational support.
  • Provided training on recognizing Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), improving confidence in clearing techniques.
  • Her actions and example were directly responsible for the success of her team during annual training.
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