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MOS 91 General

91A – M-1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer

91B – Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

91C – Utilities Equipment Repairer

91D – Power Generation Equipment Repairer

91E – Machinist

91F – Small Arms/Artillery Repairer

91G – Fire Control Repairer

91H – Track Vehicle Repairer

91J – Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer

91K – Armament Repairer

91L – Construction Equipment Repairer

91M – Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer

91P – Artillery Mechanic

91S – Stryker Systems Maintainer

91W – Metal Worker

91X – Maintenance Supervisor

91Z – Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Warrant Officers

913A – Armament Systems Maintenance WO

914A – Allied Trades Warrant Officer

915A – Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer

919A – Engineer Equip Maint Warrant Officer

Unspecified Inputs

If the MOS or duty title isn’t included with contributions, inputs will be listed here by default.

  • I completed over 130 critical annual and semi-annual services on various vehicles and systems, including HMMWVs, LMTVs, 5K, 30K, DRASH, and ECU systems. These services ensured the sustained operation of critical equipment under austere conditions.
  • I successfully repaired over 50 shortcomings and deadline faults found on equipment assigned to Brigade and Battalion elements, effectively restoring 50% of the response capability within a remarkable 7-day timeframe.
  • Through diligent quality control inspections, I ensured compliance with safety standards and performed satisfactory repairs on all unit LMTVs, 5K, 30K, and DRASH systems, maintaining their operational readiness.
  • I maintained and sustained the operational status of 10 Light track vehicles, achieving a remarkable operational readiness rate of over 90%, ensuring the unit’s continuous functionality.
  • I provided mentoring to two soldiers, resulting in a significant increase of 100 promotion points for one soldier, leading to their promotion to sergeant.
  • By training 11 soldiers on the MSD-V4 (ACERT) program, I effectively increased turnaround time by 10% for all C7 engine jobs, enhancing efficiency in maintenance operations.
  • I developed a comprehensive training program that facilitated the cross-training of one 91C and two 91D soldiers on wheeled vehicles, expanding their skill sets and contributing to overall readiness.
  • During BSA1, BSA2, and NTC rotation 22-10, I served as a senior mechanic, leading teams to complete 500 maintenance tasks, ensuring operational readiness.
  • I consistently prioritized the needs of soldiers, dedicating extra time to cross-train the team on challenging maintenance repairs and tasks, fostering their professional growth and expertise.
  • I made myself available before, during, and after duty hours to coach, train, and mentor service members, demonstrating my commitment to their development and success.
  • Through improved maintenance efficiency, I successfully eliminated an overdue service backlog by 80%, establishing a framework for future success in maintenance operations.
  • With paramount maintenance knowledge and experience, I consistently made the best decisions to ensure optimal outcomes for personnel and equipment.
  • I processed, led, and conducted over 150 services within the battalion, ensuring proper inspections were carried out prior to completion.
  • As the Maintenance Control Sergeant, I led and organized 60 soldiers in a deliberate effort to clean and organize the motorpool, maintaining effective lines of communication between five companies and 170 pieces of equipment, and sustaining an operational readiness rate above 90%.
  • I enforced standards and discipline in accordance with CMDP guidelines, ensuring the safety and adherence of 417 operators and TCs.
  • By training and updating licenses for 50 soldiers on wheeled vehicle equipment, I significantly increased company readiness by 90%.
  • In a brilliant display of leadership, I managed a team of 40 soldiers to execute 426 scheduled services and 289 unscheduled work orders prior to NTC, ensuring mission readiness.
  • Through the proper turn-in of CLIX, I replenished $400,000 and saved the Army $200,000 by divesting equipment beyond allocated repair amounts.
  • I led 28 soldiers to ensure that 103 vehicles passed MPA, DRRF, rail, and line haul inspections in preparation for NTC 22-10, achieving a remarkable zero-towed vehicle status.
  • Demonstrating unparalleled proficiency in GCSS-Army, I trained six NCOs, resulting in a significant increase of work efficiency by 90%.
  • I assumed responsibility for HHC BDE’s failed maintenance program, resulting in the timely repair of 32 vehicles within one month.
  • Through mentoring and guidance, I contributed to the professional development of 12 NCOs and 28 soldiers, resulting in four NCOs and three soldiers attending the board and earning promotable status.
  • I completed MTRCS and Fire Suppression Refill System training, equipping 22 soldiers and enhancing the brigade’s capabilities and readiness.
  • By training the automotive and GSE section on the part verification process, I increased throughput and saved the Army $100,000.
  • As the Motor Sergeant, I handpicked and led a team of SFCs, increasing productivity, efficiency, morale, and the quality of work within the unit.
  • During the GREAT Inspection, I received accolades and set a new division standard for the Publication Library.
  • With meticulous responsibility and accountability, I maintained proper control over all assigned property valued at $2,236,487, ensuring zero losses.
  • I implemented a challenging PRT program that pushed subordinates to better themselves, achieving the highest unit platoon average of 242.
  • I conducted personal training sessions during lunch for two soldiers who initially failed the APFT, resulting in their improvement to a score of 70 or better in each event.
  • As a confident leader, I consistently made decisions based on the best interest of the unit, earning the trust and respect of my peers and superiors.
  • Through innovative thinking and problem-solving, I performed higher echelon repairs to engines and other major assemblies, resulting in significant cost savings of over $450,000 for the unit.
  • Regarded as an expert in the maintenance realm, I was frequently sought after by battalion leadership for guidance and input, leveraging my expertise to support decision-making processes.
  • I restructured the unit shop stock listing to be more effective, providing increased capability for the Field Maintenance Team (FMT) to be self-sustaining.
  • I conducted monthly scheduled services and repairs on 75 pieces of equipment, contributing to the battalion’s unprecedented 96% operational readiness rate.
  • During AT TY23, I meticulously maintained 60 equipment items, demonstrating attention to detail and dedication to mission, which greatly contributed to the success of the company’s ground maintenance efforts.
  • I efficiently processed over 90 Triwalls of out-of-date equipment due for turn-in, dating back to 1991, ensuring their proper preparation, scheduling, and successful turn-in, amounting to over $1 million in equipment.
  • While deployed, I diligently maintained all unit tool sets and equipment, significantly enhancing the technical capabilities of the Maintenance Company.
  • I was hand-selected to serve as a mentor for the 36th EN BDE Team Leader Academy, enriching the understanding of leadership roles for new NCOs under my guidance.
  • I developed subordinates to perform duties as AOAP and TMDE coordinators, resulting in 100% compliance and zero delinquency.
  • Through sharing knowledge and experience, I played a key role in drastically reducing misdiagnoses of faults within the section, maintaining a high level of readiness.
  • I organized and conducted in-depth engine classes for battalion mechanics, effectively expanding their knowledge and abilities.
  • I provided instruction on six maintenance LPDs to battalion leadership, increasing their knowledge and understanding of critical maintenance tasks.
  • I coached a newly promoted SSG to excel in the duties of a motor sergeant, ensuring a smooth transition and the production of a capable successor.
  • I was selected by battalion staff to revive a failing maintenance program, successfully raising the operational readiness from 65% to 100% within a remarkable two-month timeframe.
  • I improved the unit’s physical security inspection score from red to green during the installation inspection, highlighting my commitment to maintaining a secure environment.
  • Despite manning constraints, I trained my Platoon Leader to perform GCSS-ARMY clerk duties, enabling the successful accomplishment of the mission.
  • As the Shop Foreman for a total of eight months, I effectively maintained over 327 pieces of equipment, achieving an outstanding overall readiness rate of 98% for the battalion.
  • I quickly developed the necessary skills and knowledge outside of my primary MOS to complete the mission at hand.
  • I successfully replaced 8 engines and 11 transmissions on-site, eliminating the need for transportation to a depot facility.
  • In the absence of the company motor sergeant, I took the initiative and performed all required duties, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of maintenance activities.
  • I played an instrumental role in the transport of 14 Mine Protected Vehicles (RG31s) to Bagram Airfield, facilitating their distribution to companies within the battalion.
  • During a three-day convoy covering over 500 miles through challenging terrain, I managed the maintenance of all vehicles, ensuring their operational reliability without any mechanical failures.
  • I consistently demonstrated a dogged devotion to the safety and well-being of my soldiers, using risk management to analyze daily activities and prevent accidents or injuries within the squad.
  • I successfully drew 200 vehicles during NTC rotation, effectively supporting the operational requirements of the battalion.
  • With my ability to read the situation, I strategically positioned my team the farthest from the rest of the company, contributing to overall mission success.
  • I consistently provided intelligent critiques and suggestions, significantly contributing to the improvement and preparedness of the squad in response to ever-changing tactical conditions.
  • I performed over 100 critical annual and semi-annual PMCSs on equipment, ensuring their optimal performance and operational readiness.
  • Through diligence and attention to detail, I achieved zero accidents or injuries during eleven months of combat operations, prioritizing the safety of personnel.
  • I installed several upgrades to the fleet, including gunner platforms, route clearance lights, and generator modifications, enhancing the capabilities of the equipment.
  • With resourcefulness and knowledge, I efficiently returned 3 vehicles to FMS (Field Maintenance Standards) status in just one day.
  • As a wrecker operator during the battalion’s deployment to Iraq in support of OIF 2009, I provided essential recovery support.
  • I trained 7 junior enlisted soldiers in their Warrior Task Training and technical fields, ensuring their proficiency and readiness.
  • Through dedication to duty and technical expertise, I significantly contributed to C Battery’s maintenance success.
  • I played a crucial role in identifying, inventorying, and turning in over 1500 lines of PLL (Prescribed Load List), ensuring accurate accountability.
  • During the transition from a rotating unit, I supported the 3rd Engineer Bn by recovering over twenty vehicles during named operations.
  • I assisted in the inventory and turn-in of $5.5 million worth of excess parts and equipment, effectively managing resources.
  • While under fire on Supply Route Tampa, I took the initiative to repair a contract truck, enabling its recovery before nightfall.
  • I efficiently managed maintenance, service, shop support, and recovery sections, successfully fulfilling the responsibilities of three NCOICs.
  • I processed over 77 services, handled recovery for both military and TMP (Theater-provided equipment) vehicles, managed shop support rosters, and ensured proper and efficient distribution of service parts.
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