12A – Engineer Officer

12B – Combat Engineer

12C – Bridge Crewmember

12D – Diver

12F – Crane Operator

12G – Quarrying Specialist

12H – Constructlon Engineering Supervisor

12K – Plumber

12M – Firefighter

12N – Horizontal Construction Engineer

12P – Prime Power Production Specialist

12Q – Transmission and Distribution Specialist

12R – Interior Electrician

12S – Topographic Surveyor

12T – Technical Engineering Specialist

12V – Construction and Asphalt Equipment Operator

12W – Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

12X – General Engineering Supervisor

12Y – Geospatial Engineer

12Z – Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant


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  • Acted as the Battalion Dispatcher, providing operational support to units stationed in the Horn of Africa.
  • Maintained strict control and ensured the integrity of 88 pieces of CESE (Construction and Engineering Support Equipment).
  • Monitored and tracked the movement of 3,199 miles of CESE, overseeing the consumption of over 2,000 gallons of fuel.
  • Ensured that all assigned personnel were properly trained on emergency procedures.


  • Played a crucial role as a member of the Camp Dodge advance party, scouting requirements and establishing the convoy route.
  • As part of the advance party, secured barracks, conducted inventories, evaluated vehicles, and performed range reconnaissance.
  • Managed the fuel section for the distribution platoon during the unit’s time at Camp Dodge for Annual Training (AT).
  • Supervised three soldiers and coordinated the delivery of 4,000 gallons of fuel to support operational requirements.
  • Skillfully managed fueling operations at multiple sites during IDT (Inactive Duty Training), dispensing 2,200 gallons of fuel.

Power Station Electrician

  • Provided training to non-prime power soldiers on mission essential tasks performed during field operations, playing an indispensable role in the success of Cobra Gold.


  • Conducted tactical military training for squad members, focusing on warrior tasks and battle drills, positioning the squad to excel in the best squad competition.
  • Operated a 10-ton vehicle to transport equipment to and from training sites, facilitating vital training for the battalion.

Real Estate Advisor

  • Successfully obtained rights to conduct operations on foreign soil, which proved vital to the success of Operation Resolute Support and national goals.
  • Responded promptly to numerous real estate inquiries from over 30 nations, providing essential information and guidance.

Equipment Operator

  • Cleared over 20 acres of woods at Fort Polk using the D7 dozer, creating a forward operating base.
  • Constructed both below-ground and above-ground tank defilades, enabling smooth tank maneuverability.
  • Assisted in the completion of a medical staff holding area, renovated living quarters, and dug trenches for plumbing pipes.
  • Trained peers in Dozer operations, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of RCP 2’s Route Clearance Operations.
  • Provided valuable support to numerous maintenance and repair projects, ensuring open roads and smooth traffic flow at RMTC (Regional Multi-Training Center).
  • Operated as a Kalmar operator, transporting over 70 pieces of equipment and providing exceptional support to the CRSYARD (Consolidated Rail Sustainment Yard).
  • Hauled over 100 truck loads of soil and loaded 300 trucks with soil using a 2 1/2 loader.
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