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11A Infantry Officer

11B Infantryman

11C Indirect Fire Infantryman

11Z Senior Sergeant Infantryman


  • Excelled as a driver during the Mounted Vehicular Live Fire (MVLF) exercise, contributing to his crew achieving the highest score due to his proficiency in operating the M1167 Gun Truck.
  • Served as the primary driver, mitigating risks and enabling his team to deliver extreme lethality on all targets.
  • Aided the recovery team and set the conditions and standards for mission success during Echo Company’s culminating Logistics Package (LOGPAC) scenario.
  • Dedicated to self-improvement, attended Combat Life Saver training, completed over 70 hours of distance learning, and became proficient in operating the CREW Duke system.
  • Demonstrated complete control of his team and advanced knowledge of his role as a fire team leader during Eagle Flight I (squad live fire) and Platoon Situational Training Exercises (STXs), optimizing resources under fire.
  • Maintained his team’s lethal fires on the objective, facilitating freedom of maneuver for the assaulting element and contributing significantly to the squad’s overall success.
  • Set an example for others to emulate through his commitment to mission accomplishment and continuous self-improvement.
  • Served as a section leader during Annual Training 2014 with Bravo Company.
  • Qualified as an expert on the M4 and M240B, and a sharpshooter on the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and M2 .50 Cal machine gun.
  • Acted quickly in response to an attack, ensuring the security of the squad and ultimately the platoon.
  • Took the lead during a demanding 30-kilometer cross-country march while ensuring the welfare of his soldiers.
  • Conducted a variety of dismounted patrols in support of HHT 1/3 Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) to counter Indirect Fire (IDF) attacks.
  • Ensured convoy security and support for remote posts during 33 combat logistical convoys as a gunner on a rear security vehicle.
  • Demonstrated technical and tactical expertise beyond his level of experience during continuous field operations.
  • Completed over 40 exterior perimeter patrols in support of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) mission.
  • Provided personnel safety and maintained a secure operations environment for Bravo Troop and Victory Base Complex as a QRF member.
  • Coordinated all logistics in Operation Enduring Freedom (OE) Panther during the 2010 elections and arranged the renewal of COS Scania Security Contract.
  • Proved to be a relentless and unfailing specialist, exceeding all standards during three years of service with the unit.
  • Assisted the entire Squadron’s Fire Support Team (FIST) with the setup, calibration, and use of the Fire Support Sensor System during Mortar Exercise (Mortep).
  • Reconfigured the communication system inside the Bradley Fighting Vehicle during DEFENDER 20+ exercise, enabling positive communications for the FIST team throughout the mission.
  • Assisted in the setup and marshalling of personnel and hook-ups on 10 loads without any deficiencies, contributing to the success of the Personnel Zone (PZ) operations during Top Guns Table XII qualifications.
  • Oversaw equipment loading and customs inspection for the Deployment Demobilization (De-Mob) process, removing 13 Bradley Engines and preserving government assets.
  • Acted as a Dismounted Scout during the Apache Troop Team Live Fire Exercise (TLFX), effectively reconnoitering the objective and utilizing all available assets to destroy the enemy.
  • Maintained platoon communications throughout the entire deployment in Iraq without missing any calls.
  • Served as a Team Leader, Squad Leader, and Operations Sergeant for the Battalion on multiple combat deployments.
  • Displayed exemplary skills as a 240B Machine Gunner at the Camp Morehead shooting range.
  • Practiced Counterinsurgency (COIN) on a daily basis, resulting in an overall readiness for the mission that is above reproach.
  • Served as the Guard Force Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for USD-C Main during deployment in support of Operation New Dawn.
  • Led seven section members through 15 days of physically and mentally demanding training.
  • Learned phrases and words in Dari, increasing effectiveness in the field.
  • His knowledge of mounted operations made him a trainer for the platoon, ensuring a successful Annual Training in 2010.
  • Achieved “Exceeds Standards” on the last command inspection as the Unit Equal Opportunity Representative.
  • Considered an irreplaceable member of the team, with critical contributions to the unit’s success.
  • Served as the Headquarters Platoon Sergeant while the actual Platoon Sergeant was on mid-tour leave.
  • Assisted Soldiers in the completion of Individual Service member’s Personnel Recovery (ISOPREP) training and documentation.
  • Maintained and manned the machine gun during Personal Security Detail (PSD) operations in support of the Paktya Provincial Governor.
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