• Volunteered to be the unit career counselor and successfully developed and implemented a company-level retention program, resulting in a 30% increase in retention rates during FY2023.
  • Optimized personnel resources, effectively preparing the service for growth and ensuring mission accomplishment.
  • Processed Soldier benefits, re-enlistment entitlements, and retirement options efficiently, significantly improving the career quality of 210 Soldiers in the unit.
  • Achieved a remarkable 100% retention rate in the Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories during the first quarter of the year, setting a divisional record.
  • Assisted Soldiers with retention obstacles, diligently addressing and resolving all retention issues.
  • As the Retention NCO, provided valuable assistance to the 1SG during retention interviews, resulting in an over 90% extension rate among eligible Soldiers.
  • Exceeded both the FY15 and FY16 IRR and reenlistment missions in all categories, while successfully performing Area Leader duties.
  • Focused on Soldier care, prioritizing their advancement and well-being above all else.
  • Demonstrated exceptional ability to meet mission and end-strength objectives, placing her among the highest caliber of professional Soldiers.
  • Completed the FY14 Retention mission with outstanding results, achieving 100% or more in the Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories during the second quarter.
  • Set high goals and successfully achieved them while providing quality leadership to peers and subordinates during Annual Training at CBJTC.
  • Guided and advanced the careers of over 450 Soldiers as the Charlie Company Retention NCO.
  • Volunteered to compete in the 10th Battalion Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year board, earning the runner-up position out of the four 10th BN competitors.
  • Ensured compliance with regulatory guidance and contractual obligations, effectively keeping the Recruiting and Retention Battalion in line with requirements.
  • Demonstrated true Army values, bringing credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.
  • Showed compassion and advocacy for Soldiers, sacrificing personal time to meet their needs, significantly improving unit and individual morale.
  • Invested numerous on and off-duty hours in planning and coordinating the Career Day, which attracted over 300 soldiers.
  • Achieved an impressive Warrant Officer selection rate of 80% among assigned personnel in the first four Warrant Officer boards.
  • Became the first Career Counselor in the Division to successfully complete the FY Retention mission with 100% or more in the Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories during the second quarter of the year.
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