Brigade Aviation Element Duty Descriptions

Element NCOIC

As the Element NCOIC, one is responsible for overseeing a team consisting of 4 NCOs and 4 Soldiers. Their primary duties include maintaining situational awareness of airfield activity and movement capabilities and requirements. They are also responsible for ensuring security within the airfield and compound, briefing aircrews on operational hazards, and responding to aircraft emergencies, both in-flight and on the ground. Additionally, the NCOIC conducts airfield inspections, coordinates with airfield support units, prioritizes Air Movement Requests (AMR), and tasks outside units when necessary to ensure safe operations.

Movement Specialist

The Movement Specialist plays a crucial role in the coordination of logistical resources and air transportation. They accept and process Air Movement Requests (AMR), which involve scheduling the movement of personnel, equipment, and supplies. Using the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES), they record documentation related to the movement of cargo and verify that the cargo is safe and properly palletized. The Movement Specialist also reviews and verifies personnel orders, schedules aviation operations, and tracks all flights. They work tirelessly to ensure the timely delivery of personnel, equipment, and supplies to their designated destinations.

Aviation Platoon Sergeant

Serving as a Platoon Sergeant in an Assault Helicopter Company, the Aviation Platoon Sergeant assumes various responsibilities related to the operational readiness and support of the platoon. They are accountable for the welfare, physical fitness, and administrative support of 7 NCOs and 3 Warrant Officers. The Platoon Sergeant also ensures the personal readiness of the platoon, developing the aviation maintenance expertise of the Platoon Leader and providing mentorship and training to all soldiers in the platoon. Additionally, they teach crew resource management procedures, maintain the serviceability of 11 UH-60 Helicopters valued at over $40 million, and assist the Platoon Leader and First Sergeant in all platoon-related matters.

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