• Successfully trained and mentored two Gunners, resulting in their achievement of superior performance on BFV Gunnery.
  • Ensured comprehensive training of all crews in gunnery skills and tasks, playing a key role in the qualification of three out of four crews.
  • Contributed to the progression of drivers, assisting in their development for their next positions.
  • Identified and resolved communication issues, restoring the company’s mission and leading to the successful qualification of Bradley gunnery table VI for all crews.
  • Demonstrated versatility by completing two Bradley Gunnery iterations and one rotation to NTC, serving as both a driver on a Bradley and a gunner for a Mortar system at NTC.
  • Supervised work rotations, implementing preventive actions that maintained zero heat casualties during Bradley Gunnery.
  • Displayed quick thinking and decisive actions by identifying and eliminating enemy combatants, ensuring the safety of himself and fellow soldiers.
  • Qualified his Bradley crew as Bravo Company’s “Top Gun” during table six stabilized Bradley Gunnery.
  • Ensured high crew throughput through close oversight and a team-oriented management approach during Bradley gunnery range operations.
  • Efficiently resolved range issues within minimal time, successfully completing the company’s mission and qualifying all crews for Bradley gunnery table VI.
  • Played a critical role as a key element of his crew, achieving the highest qualification score ever during Bradley Qualification Table VI during AT and earning the 337th BEB Top Gun award.
  • Achieved a distinguished score of 981 at A Company Gunnery, securing the top gun score.
  • Earned the Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) and deployed in support of Operation New Dawn.
  • Served as a subject matter expert on the M1A2 Bradley fighting vehicle, training new crews and ensuring that everyone had comprehensive knowledge of the Bradley platform.
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