• Held the position of President for the BOSS programs for 24 months, providing support for the morale and well-being of approximately 9,000 Single Soldiers on Fort Drum.
  • Organized numerous volunteer opportunities for Fort Drum’s soldiers, resulting in the BOSS program’s Single Soldiers collectively logging over 2,500 volunteer hours under her guidance.
  • Took the lead in organizing the BOSS Mountain Mudder, one of the largest BOSS events on Fort Drum, attracting over 800 attendees from around the installation.
  • Served as the 725th BSB BOSS representative, consistently demonstrating outstanding leadership and initiative from FY 2021-2023.
  • Proactively kept single Soldiers on Fort Richardson informed about BOSS events and opportunities, resulting in a 10% increase in participation.
  • Fostered an environment of care and satisfaction for Soldiers, making significant contributions to the overall success of the BOSS mission.
  • Delivered exceptional results for the Soldiers of Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright during the JPMRC 2023 period.
  • Effectively directed Soldiers towards wholesome activities by promoting BOSS events and opportunities, leading to a significant improvement in morale.
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership and initiative as the BOSS representative for his unit in the second half of FY 2020.
  • Ensured that single Soldiers on Fort Hood always had access to information and opportunities to attend BOSS events, resulting in a remarkable 50% increase in participation.
  • Coordinated the highly successful BOSS summer whitewater rafting event as the Garrison BOSS Event Coordinator, with over 70 Soldiers participating, marking it as the largest event in over 10 years.
  • Provided a suitable location for BOSS Council Meetings, which increased attendance and participation in city-wide volunteer events, resulting in public recognition by the Mayor of Lawton.
  • Displayed a tireless work ethic and made significant efforts that greatly contributed to the overall success of the BOSS mission, fostering an environment of care and satisfaction for Soldiers.
  • Devoted herself to accomplishing the BOSS mission, achieving outstanding results for the Soldiers of Hohenfels and the Joint Multinational Readiness Center.
  • Kept the unit informed about BOSS events and opportunities, effectively steering Soldiers towards wholesome activities and reducing weekend blotter reports by 25%.
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