Sensor Operations

  • Implementing advanced surveillance techniques, I was able to provide highly effective and reliable surveillance capabilities. As a result, we successfully captured seven undocumented aliens and prevented 39 individuals from crossing the border illegally over a period of 15 days.
  • I actively participated in night reconnaissance missions alongside Border Patrol personnel, aiming to identify potential areas for sensor placement. Thanks to our efforts, we were able to seize 500 pounds of marijuana, making a significant impact on drug trafficking operations.
  • Utilizing my expertise, I strategically deployed seven sensor strings across multiple locations. This tactical move resulted in the seizure of over 589 pounds of marijuana, further disrupting drug smuggling activities.
  • Recognizing the importance of well-trained personnel, I dedicated myself to training the Ground Sensor platoon Marines. I conducted comprehensive training sessions on tactical operating procedures, including maintaining log books, administrative duties, and reporting procedures. This initiative significantly reduced law enforcement response time by 25%.
  • To ensure the reliability of our sensor network, I meticulously planned and executed 14 missions. These missions involved expanding the sensor net by installing 17 new sensors and conducting field maintenance on 23 existing sensors. As a result, we achieved enhanced surveillance coverage over critical areas.
  • Collaborating closely with Border Patrol personnel, I played a key role in establishing new radio repeater sites. This endeavor successfully restored and expanded communication coverage to over 85% of the deployed sensors, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • I actively contributed to streamlining inventory management by sorting and removing surplus -21 inventory items. Additionally, I processed 14 DRMO (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office) parts for turn-in. These actions significantly reduced the footprint of the Maintenance Group Consolidated Tool Kit by more than 25%, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Recognizing the importance of accurate inventory management, I thoroughly revised the Consolidated Tool Kit inventory. This involved inspecting over 6,000 tools and equipment items while correcting 34 errors. By doing so, I ensured 100% accountability and maximized the utilization of our valuable assets.

RVSS/IFT Operator

  • As part of my role, I successfully instructed and trained 20 soldiers on the operation and maintenance of the Remote Video Surveillance System Upgrade (RVSS-U) system. This initiative significantly expanded the coverage of our surveillance capabilities, resulting in a higher number of subsequent apprehensions.
  • Demonstrating my dedication and quick learning abilities, I achieved qualification on the RVSS and IFT systems in less than a week. This proficiency significantly multiplied Border Patrol security, enhancing our ability to detect and respond to potential threats effectively.
  • Volunteering for the Southwest Border Mission with the Department of Homeland Security, I actively contributed to safeguarding the Texas border. Working in close coordination with other agencies, I played a vital role in ensuring the security and integrity of our borders.
  • Operating and maintaining the Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) system and RVSS, I personally validated the effectiveness of these advanced surveillance systems. Through my efforts, we were able to enhance our border monitoring capabilities and successfully apprehend numerous undocumented aliens. Additionally, we seized 300 kilograms of illegal drugs that were being smuggled through the Southwest border.
  • Eager to embrace new duties, I quickly acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to support the mission effectively. This adaptability allowed me to contribute to the improvement of Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations, making a positive impact on the overall mission success.
  • Utilizing my keen eye and attention to detail, I provided accurate identification of over 100 illegal immigrants. This precise identification significantly reduced administrative processing and holding time by 24 hours, streamlining the overall operational efficiency.
  • With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, I diligently processed daily reports for the group supervisor. This expeditious handling of reports resulted in a reduction in identification and processing errors, ensuring the timely and reliable flow of information.
  • Leveraging my intelligence background, I significantly expanded the office’s ability to confirm the identity of illegal immigrants. Through my expertise, we were able to exponentially increase our capacity to verify the true identities of individuals crossing the border illegally, contributing to overall operational effectiveness.
  • Beyond my primary responsibilities, I actively participated in various support tasks. This included operating forklifts, changing tires, and arranging vehicle transportation, all of which increased our logistics capability by 50% and ensured the smooth functioning of operations.
  • Despite my demanding duties, I maintained a disciplined approach and continuously pursued individual upgrade training. This commitment allowed me to stay current with the latest advancements while effectively supporting the border mission.
  • As part of Task Force 51, I provided vital logistical support. Through my efforts, we ensured that 1,000 border patrol operatives had proper billeting and received essential logistic support, enabling them to carry out their duties efficiently.

South West Border Mission Systems Maintenance

  • Trained personnel on the South West Border Mission and the vehicle maintenance program, resulting in reduced integration delays.
  • Oversaw a team of six Air Force members and five Soldiers, leading to increased CBP capabilities.
  • Coordinated and prepared the delivery of CBP vehicles, ensuring sustained operations along a stretch of over 500 miles of the border.
  • Inspected, loaded, and successfully delivered 122 vehicles, meeting 100% of the vehicle requirements two weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Carried out 614 tire repairs, restoring 356 affected vehicles and saving $25,000 in CBP outsourced repairs.
  • Repaired small engines of ATVs, resulting in over 200 man-hours saved and expanding the vehicle’s flexibility and operational capabilities.
  • Took the initiative to organize and clear a 10-vehicle bay, spearheading the shop cleanup and maintaining 100% of the maintenance shop capabilities.
  • Monitored a total of 475 miles of the western US borders, detecting and responding to over 45,000 sensor activations, thus ensuring border security.
  • Assessed 227 intrusion alarm sensors and promptly dispatched CBP agents to the sites, effectively preventing illegal entry to the West SEC borders.

Entry Identification Team Leader

  • Held the position of Team Leader for an Entry Identification Team, making significant contributions to the capture of 677 undocumented aliens and the seizure of over 20,000 pounds of narcotics.
  • Strategically positioned US Border Patrol members to enhance visual deterrence of illegal border crossings, resulting in a reduction of crossing attempts by over 50%.
  • As the Team Leader of the Entry Identification Team, supervised a team of 12 personnel from the US Army and Air Force, fostering unity and increasing overall team effectiveness.
  • Coordinated daily with US Border Patrol Personnel to deter and capture undocumented aliens, providing round-the-clock support in all weather conditions.

15P Aviation Operations Specialist

  • Deployed in support of Operation Guardian Shield in the Southwest Border, successfully sustaining aviation operations around the clock under challenging conditions.
  • Managed the RGV Sector, significantly contributing to the success of over 50 air support missions along the Southwest Border, providing assistance to Border Patrol and Marines in securing the border.
  • Established partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), actively participating in intercepting undocumented migrants and seizing illegal substances.
  • Strengthened border security efforts, enabling DHS to apprehend and properly document individuals involved.
  • Coordinated the timely and precise execution of daily operations as directed by the U.S. Army Joint Task Force North.
  • Provided support to United States Customs Border Protection and United States Border Patrol, ensuring the maintenance of border integrity.
  • Conducted over 1,000 hours of post duty and over 100 hours of guard mount duty, guaranteeing the safety of local residents and property.
  • Led a team of 13 Marines in detaining and processing over 40 individuals involved in illegal transportation, resulting in a 30% increase in detection rate.
  • Performed daily reconnaissance and surveillance covering over 100 miles, significantly enhancing border effectiveness.
  • Successfully executed over 13,000 hours of surveillance from post points near Algodones, Mexico, to post points near Ajo, Arizona.
  • Supported the Southwest Border Mission, playing a crucial role in facilitating Customs and Border Protection efforts in Deming, New Mexico.
  • Conducted daily maintenance on a variety of vehicles and ATVs, ensuring the fleet maintained its best operational rate in 5 years.
  • Through exceptional work ethic and managerial skills, played an instrumental role in the success of daily border operations.

Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO)

  • Took the initiative to conduct multiple enforcement operations at the Port of Detroit independently and efficiently managed enforcement operations post primary, establishing himself as the most productive CBPO on shift.
  • Acquired the necessary seals to carry out enforcement operations at the Detroit Fort Street Cargo Facility, conducting thorough inspections of multiple trucks, including trailer checks and cab checks.
  • Successfully searched over 20 trucks within the allocated hour for enforcement operations, effectively preventing illicit travel and trade.
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness by leaving the Customs and Immigration counter when no travelers were present to assist with multiple wrong turn situations, leading to facilitation of multiple seizures.
  • Developed a comprehensive user guide for fellow officers, providing step-by-step instructions for seizure processing, thereby increasing compliance with CBP policy and guiding officers through the process.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Support

  • Led the Joint Task Force Operation Phalanx, actively supporting the identification, disruption, dismantling, and prosecution of cross-border smuggling and trafficking organizations.
  • Conducted in-depth analysis of border smuggling trends, providing critical information that facilitated the interdiction of contraband, weapons, money, and individuals entering and exiting the United States illegally.
  • Made significant contributions by generating new leads, providing valuable financial information, and uncovering criminal records and associations of numerous individuals, allowing ICE agents to expand the scope of their investigations.

Logistics NCO

  • Provided support to JTF Sierra’s logistic operations, meticulously tracking all damages and losses to government equipment, and efficiently processed Statement of Charges or Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss, totaling over $56,000.
  • Assumed the role of Logistics frontman, overseeing the in-processing and out-processing of Soldiers and Airmen assigned to the Task Force, maintaining strict control over all resources.
  • Collaborated with the Central Issuing Facility to ensure the proper accountability of all protective gear issued to Soldiers and Airmen involved in the Southwest Border Mission.
  • Ensured that all Soldiers/Airmen received replacement uniforms to comply with regulations, utilizing a partnership with the United States Property and Fiscal Office to accomplish this task effectively.

Duty Corpsman

  • Was assigned to JTF North’s 1st Intel ground sensor platoon, actively assisting in the placement and monitoring of sensors along the southern border to support drug law enforcement agencies.
  • Diligently monitored and reported sensor activations to the border patrol, accumulating over 400 hours of monitoring, which led to 477 apprehensions of illegal aliens, seizures of 4,544 pounds of narcotics, and 1 vehicle seizure.
  • Provided medical coverage for 19 Marines assigned to JTF North’s 1st Intel ground sensor platoon, ensuring the maintenance of force health and capability.

Operation Guardian Support

  • Played a crucial role as operations support for a multi-state, federal agency campaign, effectively reducing the flow of narcotics and human smuggling across the southern border of the United States.
  • Volunteered extensive time and energy to ensure the success of the mission, consistently working 60-hour weeks and remaining on active orders for 22 months, all while maintaining individual soldier readiness.
  • Assumed the position of Team Leader for a team of eight service members, efficiently managing communication, work schedules, physical training, and other individual tasks, ensuring their timely completion.
  • Demonstrated an exceptional work ethic by frequently working late to accomplish last-minute assignments, including short notice inventories and the Phase-1 turn-in of CBP vehicles at the Pharr International Bridge, Port of Entry.
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