• Developed a Battalion key control system to organize keys for 305 rooms, achieving 100% accountability of sensitive items at all times.
  • Served as the assistant NTV contact, effectively managing the control of 18 vehicles on ISA Air Base, PAT V, and PAT VI.
  • Updated procedures to prioritize placement, accommodating tenant commands and reducing Soldier wait time.
  • Identified and reported three falsified orders, denying billeting and forwarding copies to the issuing authority.
  • Enforced Ft Gordon billeting priorities, effectively conserving finite resources for members with student status.
  • Established a productive relationship with the airport information desk, ensuring Soldiers received up-to-date information.
  • Provided weekly reports on billeting, buildings, rooms, and beds for the 2015-2016 fiscal year budget.
  • Coordinated with the main gate and military police to integrate notification procedures for Soldiers stranded at the front gate.
  • Implemented a daily airport pick-up service for popular arrival times, improving the experience of incoming personnel.
  • Enhanced the accuracy and forecast length of billeting availability, resulting in an improved traveler experience.
  • Ensured breakfast contractor compliance, extending breakfast hours and menu options.
  • Enforced limited access to common areas, increasing the availability of laundry facilities for residents.
  • Implemented a reservation board projecting daily, weekly, and over 30-day availability, simplifying the reservation process.
  • Provided around-the-clock assistance to new arrivals, streamlining the in-processing procedure.
  • Worked closely with HQ and Barracks Management to ensure adequate billeting for all returning soldiers.
  • Proactively addressed and resolved issues arising from room and trailer assignments.
  • Developed and printed informative redeployment packets for every returning soldier.
  • Contributed to the day-to-day operations of U.S. Billeting Modular Housing.
  • Managed 15 modular buildings, maintaining accountability of civilian contractors and coalition forces.
  • Ensured compliance with the RSG’s Billeting Policy.
  • Updated and distributed Standard Operating Procedures that significantly improved working conditions.
  • Provided support for over 10,000 transitioning military servicemembers and civilians.
  • Ensured equipment readiness and serviceability of 24 tents at Camp Roberts.
  • Enhanced the quality of life and mission readiness of personnel in theater.
  • Initiated nine building repairs, resulting in an improved standard of living for Soldiers.
  • Ensured buildings were occupied at all times, saving unnecessary expenses for the Army.
  • Authored an emergency repair POC list to streamline coordination for emergency repairs.
  • Escorted maintenance contractors to ensure timely repairs and room availability.
  • Conducted daily preemptive inspections, diligently supporting system reliability and mission generation.
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