Battle NCO Duty Descriptions

11B Battle NCO (BDE TOC)

The 11B Battle NCO serves as the Battle NCO within a Brigade Tactical Operations Center (TOC). Working closely with the Battle Captain, they assist in preparing formal reports for higher headquarters. They supervise the TOC personnel in their duties, including TOC security, maintenance, communications, police, and administration. During shift changes, they brief incoming personnel to ensure continuity across all TOC elements. The Battle NCO also maintains the current Standard Operating Instructions (SOI) and Common Operational Picture (COP) information. Their role is crucial in supporting the overall operations of the BDE TOC and ensuring effective coordination and communication within the unit.

Battle NCO (Field Artillery Battalion)

The Battle NCO serves as the Battle NCO within a Field Artillery Battalion that supports over 200 Soldiers. They maintain situational awareness of all battalion operations and ensure the availability of required resources and equipment. The Battle NCO manages and coordinates training and operations within the battalion. They conduct daily briefings, serve as a joint service liaison, and ensure the accuracy of reports, disseminating them appropriately. Additionally, they oversee the operation and distribution of Communications Security (COMSEC). The Battle NCO provides guidance to senior TOC personnel and is proficient in operating SINCGARS and JCR systems. They supervise the Intel, Communications, Fire Support, and Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) functions within the battalion, contributing to the overall effectiveness and success of the unit’s operations.

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