Barracks Management NCO Duty Descriptions

Senior NCO of the First Sergeant’s Barracks Program (FSBP)

The Senior Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the First Sergeant’s Barracks Program (FSBP) operates under the direction of the Chief of Housing Division and Housing Sergeant Major. They hold the position of FSBP NCOIC, assuming responsibility and general military authority over the command and control of Soldiers assigned to the program. Specifically, they oversee the management of 09 White Cycle and Soldier Skill Set Utilization Program Soldiers. The Senior NCO reports any issues or problems involving the White Cycle Soldiers to the Chief FSBP and resolves them accordingly, providing feedback to the Chief FSBP and Housing Sergeant Major. Additionally, they monitor the training and quality of work of the assigned Soldiers and provide necessary guidance. During transitions, they coordinate the changeover of Soldiers and ensure a smooth transition for incoming personnel. Acting as a Liaison Officer, they facilitate communication between FSBP, the Soldiers, and Unit Leadership, in collaboration with the respective Barracks or Area Managers. Overall, the Senior NCO plays a vital role in the effective operation and support of the First Sergeant’s Barracks Program.

NCOIC, Fort Hood Community Life Program

In the Fort Hood Community Life Program, the NCO in Charge (NCOIC) assumes administrative responsibility for over 24,000 living quarters. They supervise, train, and mentor multiple NCOs within the program. Serving as the quality control expert for the Housing Office, they develop and execute inspection plans to ensure compliance with all regulations. The NCOIC collaborates with leaders at all levels, government staff, housing contractor staff, and post agencies to coordinate and improve housing operations. Additionally, they provide oversight of 13 village Mayors and facilitate the tracking and organization of annual village Mayoral elections. Attending quarterly town hall meetings, they actively seek to enhance safety, security, and welfare for all residents within the Fort Hood community.

Barracks Management NCO

The Barracks Management NCO is responsible for various billeting operations within the Training Center facilities. They perform personnel checks, manage reservations, handle revenue accountability, and provide customer support. Their role includes assigning troop housing, issuing and clearing non-tenant facilities, and ensuring property accountability. They administer guidance to custodial personnel in their duties and oversee the issuance and reception of dining facilities and classrooms, verifying inventory accuracy and completing sanitation checks. Additionally, the Barracks Management NCO assists the full-time staff with supply functions, contributing to the smooth operation of the Training Center facilities.

Barracks Manager

As a Barracks Manager, one is responsible for managing the assignments and clearing procedures of 1424 individual living spaces within the 2nd BDE Unaccompanied Housing. They maintain and inventory furniture and equipment valued at over $450,000. The Barracks Manager coordinates daily escorts for maintenance contractors and oversees two SAFLOK room key issue systems and two door lock programmers, with a combined value of $25,000. They provide weekly status reports on man-hours used to maintain Single Soldier housing to the Department of Defense. Overall, the Barracks Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and management of the living spaces and related resources within the Unaccompanied Housing program.

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