• I implemented significantly improved readiness, training, and personnel programs within the company, resulting in increased unit preparation and readiness for ARMS inspections.
  • As the manager of the Digital Training Management System, unit SOPs, and training policies, I facilitated the successful completion of the company’s ARMS inspection.
  • I served as the Cairns Base Operations Aviation Resource Management Survey (ARMS) Inspection NCO, leading the unit to earn a superior grade of 100% in flight operations during a FORSCOM-level inspection.
  • I efficiently arranged for excess vehicles to be permanently stored at Ft. Devens, MA, and successfully transferred all other vehicles and equipment to Ft. Douglas, UT, effectively optimizing limited resources.
  • I dedicated twelve-hour days to leading the Battalion’s flight operations cell, ensuring the entire battalion was well-prepared for our overseas movement.
  • I effectively managed wing’s hurricane evacuation preparation, overseeing four aircraft configuration changes, relocating assets within two days, and safeguarding an estimated $450M A-10C fleet.
  • I meticulously reviewed the IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) for the V6 upgrade to the Apache Guardian Helicopter, providing recommendations and improving overall maintenance procedures during MOC (Maintenance Operations Center), FIP (Fault Isolation Procedures), and repair procedures to maintain the Apache Guardian’s Full Mission Capable status.
  • I successfully integrated expeditionary FARP (Forward Arming and Refueling Point) training into the battle rhythm of JTF-B (Joint Task Force-Bravo) units, significantly enhancing the Joint Task Force’s expeditionary FARP capabilities.
  • As the overseer of the closure of VSP Tagaw, I ensured the care, protection, and overall well-being of 17 assigned military personnel, playing a crucial role in the successful completion of the mission.
  • I trained three administrative soldiers on DAMPS (Digital Army Management System) while simultaneously preparing and leading the Battalion’s flight operations cell during a training exercise, effectively multiplying and accelerating capabilities.
  • I successfully conducted numerous VIP missions and other Air Mission Requests while maintaining 83% of our aircraft Fully Mission Capable during the Division Density Training.
  • I guided transitioning operations and coordinated the flights of two MH-60 Blackhawks to deliver supplies, leading the successful and orderly departure of the last convoy out of VSP Tagaw.
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