• Took charge of the Battalion AER initiative, ensuring dedicated support for Soldiers in need.
  • Established connections with 7 units and led a team of 3 Soldiers in a well-organized fundraiser, maximizing the opportunity provided by the 3,000-strong post personnel.
  • Personally reached out to and successfully contacted all unit members, including those deployed, resulting in an outstanding 99% contribution rate, the highest ever achieved for Fort Bliss.
  • Volunteered 40 off-duty hours to meticulously plan and support two fundraising events, resulting in a total of $500 raised towards the unit’s AER goal.
  • Acted as the Battalion’s representative for AER, ensuring 100% personal contact, which contributed to the base earning $200,000, surpassing last year’s record by 20%.
  • Efficiently managed the Company’s AER fundraiser, organizing an event with the help of 11 volunteers and raising $900, the highest contribution among all the Companies in Stuttgart.
  • As the Division’s AER representative, she successfully raised over $2,000 within the first week, surpassing the goal expectations by $500.
  • Led a unit-wide AER donation drive, resulting in over $250,000 in donations, the highest amount ever raised in Texas.
  • Acted as the Platoon’s AER representative, making 100% contact with 188 staff members and raising $950 towards the base target of $180,000.
  • Her remarkable efforts exceeded the established goals by 30% and set a charitable example for the entire Army community.
  • Provided support for the 3rd annual POW/MIA 24-hour fun run, contributing to the raising of $7,000 for the Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign and assisting Soldiers in financial straits.
  • Served as the Flight coordinator for the Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign fundraiser, successfully netting over $900 and achieving 110% of the set goal.
  • Made a personal donation to the Army Emergency Relief Campaign, contributing to the total amount of $115,000 raised, which helped surpass the Wing’s donation goal by 32%.
  • Volunteered as an AER representative, ensuring 100% contact with all personnel within one week and raising over $300 while promoting a strong sense of camaraderie.
  • Made personal contact with all unit members and, through diligent solicitation, raised $1,433.00 for the Army Emergency Relief Annual Campaign at the Heidelberg Health Clinic, exceeding the Garrison goal of $10,000 by 20%.
  • Made significant contributions to the U.S. Army Garrison Command FY 17 AER Campaign, surpassing the AER goal of $30,000.
  • Played a vital role in the success of the annual AER campaign, helping surpass the AER goal of $30,000 through dedicated contributions.
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