• I demonstrated unwavering dedication by enduring long hours of preparation to accomplish the unit’s mission of law and order operations during Annual Training.
  • Taking charge and assuming responsibility, I successfully organized and managed an annual training event for 250 soldiers, even in the absence of specific orders.
  • By reporting prior to the first formation and staging all vehicles before convoying to Ft Bragg for Annual Training, I displayed initiative and fostered effective teamwork.
  • I provided valuable assistance in preparing meals for over 200 soldiers twice a day throughout the entire 14-day period, ensuring timely and satisfying meals despite being understaffed.
  • Through the development of a successful Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) program, I ensured a 100% pass rate for all soldiers taking the PT test during Annual Training.
  • I meticulously planned and executed three Warrior Training Tasks (WTT), achieving a 100% pass rate and significantly enhancing personnel readiness.
  • Recognizing the specific warrior task training and leadership development skills required for unit competency, I arranged and delivered effective training sessions, contributing to the overall skill set of the unit.
  • Through superior leadership, I trained and mentored soldiers, optimizing the limited training opportunities available and fostering their growth.
  • I successfully integrated an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team within the company, streamlining their operations and ensuring smooth collaboration.
  • My willingness to accept additional responsibilities played a vital role in Delta Company’s success, demonstrating a strong commitment to the mission.
  • I served as the acting platoon sergeant, a position two levels above my pay grade, effectively restoring unit effectiveness and maintaining operations.
  • On multiple occasions, I went beyond my Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to provide training to the S2 section, multiplying the unit’s effectiveness.
  • I displayed maturity and technical skills well beyond my rank and pay grade by teaching classes on Active Listening and Physical Readiness Training (PRT).
  • Through continuous dedication and determination, I ensured mission readiness and enhanced operational support.
  • I provided comprehensive training on recognizing Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), improving confidence in clearing techniques and overall safety.
  • Through my actions and example, I directly contributed to the success of my team during Annual Training, motivating and inspiring others.
  • I ensured the successful training of 17 soldiers assigned to my platoon in 32 Army Warrior Tasks, significantly increasing unit readiness to 90%.
  • In a time-sensitive situation, I efficiently received, sorted, and stocked $15,000 worth of Annual Training supplies within 24 hours, leading to an organized loading and convoy process.
  • I effectively managed night communications for the Command Post while in the field, sustaining operations while simultaneously meeting personal qualification requirements.
  • By voluntarily working hours before and after my shift, I overcame manning shortages and restored a failing mission, showcasing a strong sense of duty.
  • I took the initiative to set up the Mayor Cell Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) function and operated it, playing a key role in boosting unit morale.
  • I created a comprehensive inventory and checklist for each section, ensuring that all required equipment and crypto were accounted for during Annual Training, eliminating the need for trips back to the home station.
  • Through coordination, planning, and scheduling of vendors, I facilitated the refurbishment project of a new building, resulting in an enhanced training facility for the unit.
  • I provided training to 38 soldiers from the 235th Engineer Company (SAPPER) during their subterranean operations (STOP) training, significantly increasing safety awareness and expanding their operational capabilities.
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