• Prior to the deployment of Task Force SPARTAN, I diligently prepared for the supervised deployment, ensuring that all the soldiers’ needs were taken care of and that they fully understood their mission.
  • I was selected to be part of the advance party, where I assisted in setting up the mess tent and ensuring that the base camp was fully prepared for the arrival of the main body.
  • As a representative of the communication shop in the ADVON team, I played a crucial role in transporting COMSEC, as well as keying and preparing all the LMRs. I made sure that everything was ready for issue upon arrival.
  • Upon our arrival at Fort Dix, I meticulously ensured that all 54 pieces of unit equipment were in perfect condition for field use.
  • During the convoy to Fort Stewart, I carefully evaluated five different routes and selected the safest one, ultimately ensuring the success of the Annual Tour convoy.
  • With great attention to detail, I thoroughly inspected a total of 33 HMMWVs in the 321st E-MI BN inventory, making sure that each convoy HMMWV adhered to the Safety of Use Message (SOUM) 19 003.
  • I made certain that all 23 convoy HMMWVs and the remaining 19 HMMWVs in the compound were fully operational and capable of meeting mission requirements within a 24-hour notice.
  • Being a valuable member of the ADVON Team, I played a crucial role in off-loading and securing the Battalion’s equipment, ensuring a smooth transition to the mobilization site and establishing the Battalion’s footprint.
  • I dedicated more than a hundred hours to support the ADVON for Warfighter 2019, showcasing my commitment and dedication to the team.
  • Despite having multiple assigned tasks within the section, I demonstrated great flexibility and successfully balanced them all.
  • I provided crucial support to the G6, contributing to the success of Task Force West in its simulated assault against the enemy forces of NK.
  • Despite being scheduled to depart with ADVON, I volunteered to extend my stay until the conclusion of the Annual Training, showcasing my dedication and commitment to the mission.
  • To enhance my capabilities, I obtained certification on the forklift and underwent training on the Blue Force Tracker, enabling me to cover tasks where qualified personnel were unavailable.
  • I drove a total of 500 miles during the convoy to Camp Guernsey, and accumulated an additional 1,000 miles on daily missions within the training area and its surroundings.
  • My positive attitude and motivation played a pivotal role in executing all essential tasks assigned to the ADVON in a timely manner during the set-up of the Forward Operating Base (FOB).
  • Over the past 3 Annual Training events, I volunteered as ADVON and torch party, ensuring that over 100 soldiers received the appropriate amount of ammunition.
  • I drove a tactical vehicle for more than 500 highway miles, transporting critical items required for the range, including weapons and ammunition.
  • During the Annual Training, I took the initiative to train 20 soldiers on the Command Post of the Future (CPOF), further enhancing their skills and capabilities.
  • By identifying and completing tasks efficiently, assigning roles, and motivating soldiers, I ensured that the ADVON met their SP time with 100% of the required equipment in the field.
  • I supervised and led the ADVON ammo mission, successfully meeting the draw time with the help of three soldiers. Additionally, I established their Area of Operation (AO) prior to the main body’s arrival.
  • With great attention to detail, I thoroughly inspected, prepped, and loaded vehicles and equipment belonging to my section and the entire company, ensuring that the convoy met their SP time.
  • Throughout my time with HHC, I consistently volunteered for ADVON duty, demonstrating my dedication, loyalty, and investment in the success of the Battalion.
  • During the ADVON period, I played a key role in setting up the Operations Cell at Camp Ripley, facilitating equipment requests and coordinating the movement of equipment and gear.
  • By setting up the Operations Cell during the ADVON period, I freed up over 72 hours for senior leadership to carry out last-minute taskings critical to training operations.
  • Thanks to my foresight, no containers were delayed in Kuwait during the redeployment of the ADVON, contributing significantly to the successful throughput of soldiers and equipment to the U.S.
  • I was selected over my peers to conduct ADVON redeployment operations, paving the way for Headquarters and Headquarters Company and ensuring a seamless transition.
  • As a forward support for the 1073rd Support Maintenance Company, I worked tirelessly for three consecutive 12-hour days, constructing twelve barracks and work tents. I successfully readied the space for occupation within a short span of 72 hours.
  • Displaying exceptional initiative, I moved forward of the ADVON to identify and secure unit equipment sent by Strat-Air, ensuring the security of critical cargo and overall readiness.
  • I played a pivotal role in preparing the site and setting up the required equipment for training, ultimately facilitating training and enhancing mission readiness.
  • To ensure thorough preparation for the advance party, I extensively studied past After Action Reports, ensuring that nothing was left behind in this first exercise in five years.
  • I was entrusted with the secure transportation and maintenance of 120 M4 and M16 rifles, as well as 8 M9 9MM pistols. I successfully moved them from the Fort Totten Arms room to the Arms Room at Fort Dix, meticulously maintaining accountability throughout the process.
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