• Successfully certified 50 NCOs and officers on HT/WT (height/weight) taping procedures and the Army Body Composition Program (ABCP).
  • Skillfully managed the program while adapting to COVID-19 mitigation procedures, implementing measures that minimized unnecessary physical contact. As a result, the battalion achieved a 90 percent pass rate in fitness assessments.
  • Conducted a comprehensive revision of the ABCP program, introducing HT/WT documents and a deadline tracker. By establishing clear standards and streamlining the chapter process, I enhanced the efficiency of the program.
  • Led twice-daily physical training (PT) sessions from Monday to Friday for 13 weeks. Through a collaborative team effort, we achieved unprecedented results in terms of physical fitness.
  • Employed a diverse range of physical fitness regimens tailored to individual capabilities, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing strain on preexisting medical conditions.
  • Administered 178 courtesy and official body composition assessments, along with proctoring 47 physical readiness tests for 167 Soldiers across three different commands.
  • Provided coaching and guidance to five Soldiers, resulting in their successful PT test completion, removal from the ABCP, lifting of their flags, and subsequent promotion to the rank of Specialist.
  • Implemented a battery Physical Readiness Training (PRT) plan that significantly improved the average score by 20 points, leading to the removal of 10 Soldiers from the ABCP.
  • I oversaw and supervised the Battalion Remedial Conditioning Program and Body Composition Program, resulting in the successful dismissal of 11 Soldiers from RCP and three from BCP.
  • I diligently maintained precise records and progress trackers for every Soldier enrolled in RCP/BCP, ensuring consistent and gradual improvement through careful measurement and evaluation.
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