• Revised the Brigade’s COMSEC Hand Receipt Holder Course, condensing the duration and enhancing the ease of learning for participants.
  • Trained over 200 soldiers in the effective management of COMSEC material and successfully encouraged over 75% of her company to enroll in ACCP coursework.
  • Completed the Electronic Key Distribution Course, playing a key role in automating the COMSEC Key distribution system throughout the Afghanistan Theater of Operations.
  • Maintained over 30 COMSEC accounts with 100% accountability, ensuring zero COMSEC compromises or reportable incidents.
  • Effectively managed the headset program, facilitating the return of over 1,000 headsets to the Army system.
  • Instructed soldiers on the loading of radios using a Simple Key Loader (SKL), restoring secure communications capability.
  • Repaired serviceable SINGARS components retrieved from the amnesty yard, resulting in the return of over $500,000 worth of equipment to the supply.
  • Scheduled and provided comprehensive training on SINGARS radio, Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), Blue Force Tracker (BFT), and MBITR (Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio).
  • Pioneered the installation of a Counter IED system in a MAT-V, enhancing the unit’s protection against improvised explosive devices.
  • Ensured the automated net control device (ANCD) was updated with all new crypto for COMSEC changeover, maintaining uninterrupted communications.
  • Conducted daily inspections on convoy vehicles’ VIC systems, guaranteeing compliance with SP (service pack) times.
  • Successfully installed the DAGR, antenna cable, and power cable, while also upgrading the DAGR’s software to version .007.
  • Provided training to soldiers and NCOs from FAB (Field Artillery Brigade) on radio system operation, significantly improving combat readiness.
  • Achieved 99% uptime for all individual and vehicle radio systems, delivering reliable and critical communications support to Ranger missions.
  • Supported the entire Battalion and attachments during COMSEC changeover, ensuring smooth transitions and uninterrupted operations.
  • Set up and operated the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding (RDF) System, effectively intercepting enemy transmissions during a recent Battalion Combined Arms Exercise.
  • Maintained accountability for all 89 pieces of radio equipment, resulting in 100% equipment recovery upon exercise completion.
  • Developed operation instructions for the MBITR radios, which were adopted by the entire 1-180th CAV (Cavalry) unit.
  • Updated the Blue Force Tracker with the latest Joint Communications Release (JCR) Software, enhancing its functionality and capabilities.
  • Maintained four radio sets at two locations, enabling the Motor Sergeant to make timely on-call repair decisions.
  • Successfully relocated the DUKE V3 system to improve the efficiency of the CREW system’s wiring setup.
  • Sustained communications for a Tactical Signal Company despite limited supplies and tools.
  • Demonstrated exceptional organizational skills by moving the electronics maintenance shop, returning it to full operational status within a week, while ensuring accountability for over $1 million worth of equipment.
  • Provided vital communication support to the forward support company, enabling seamless coordination and operational effectiveness.
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