MOS 92Z Senior Logistician Duty Descriptions

92Z50 BDE Operations Sergeant

In the capacity of Brigade Operations Sergeant (BDE S3) for the Division Sustainment Brigade, which comprises a Division Special Troops Battalion and Division Sustainment Support Battalion (DSSB) totaling nearly 2,000 Soldiers, I assume the role of the principal staff NCO for the movement and maneuver warfighting function. My responsibilities encompass training, operations and plans, force development, and modernization. Additionally, I serve as the NCOIC for the Brigade Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and Tactical Command Post (TAC) operations in a tactical environment. I integrate and synchronize all warfighting functions across the planning horizons, ensuring their seamless coordination. Furthermore, I am accountable for the well-being, development, and mentorship of nine NCOs and provide guidance to five CPTs. The readiness of three vehicles, three trailers, and various equipment valued at $1 million falls under my purview.

Supply Sergeant

As the Supply Sergeant for the 335th Signal Command, I maintain meticulous accountability for all equipment and property book items, amounting to an excess of $3 million. I uphold and enforce a comprehensive Supply Discipline Program within the organization, ensuring adherence to regulations and policies. Tracking the requests, receipt, issue, and responsibility of supplies and equipment is among my key responsibilities. Moreover, I provide support to Troop Program Unit (TPU) Soldiers through the Army Direct Ordering (ADO) program and handle the requisition and distribution of uniform items to a dispersed Soldier population.

Deputy Director, Joint Logistics Directorate

I assume the role of Deputy Director within a Joint Logistics Directorate, overseeing the day-to-day management of logistical support for a Joint Task Force operating in an extremely challenging environment. In this capacity, I assess and secure the daily operational needs, strategic mobility functions, transportation, fuel supply operations, and property book management for a joint military and civilian personnel strength of 2,200. As the primary authority for hand receipt validation and verification, housing operations, and general supply support, I ensure the efficient functioning of logistical operations in support of the mission.

Supply Sergeant

As the Supply Sergeant of the Headquarters Support Company comprising 387 Soldiers and DA Civilians, I am responsible for supervising and reviewing all activities related to supply requests, receipt, storage, issue, accountability, and preservation of organizational and installation equipment. The maintenance and management of the automated supply system and administrative supply documents are integral to my role. Enforcing supply discipline and managing property valued at over $30 million are key aspects of my responsibilities. Additionally, I provide supervision and support for the professional development of 11 Soldiers within the company.

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