Supply Section Sergeant

  • I played a positive leadership role in working with an extremely diverse section that included remote Soldiers, medics, and admin/supply personnel.

Senior Loggie

  • I developed a new Standard Operating Procedure, resulting in a more efficient production of Operational Orders (OPORDs).
  • I decreased OPORD deficiencies by 40% and revised the OPORD production process, clearing a backlog of 20 past due OPORDs.
  • I processed over 300 OPORDs and oversaw the execution of over 150 missions.
  • I continue to provide leadership and emphasis on the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) program, Operational Information Protection (OIP) inspections, and MOS training of Soldiers in the S4 (senior supply supervisor) section.
  • I was inducted into the Association of Quartermasters and became a member of the Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE) as a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL).
  • I trained two soldiers and one NCO in basic supply operations, significantly increasing the asset capabilities of the 5th Group OCIE distribution center by 50%.
  • I established strict key control and physical security procedures for the OCIE warehouse, resulting in zero loss of components or equipment.
  • I was selected over four NCOs to provide logistical support during the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation and managed the Forward Logistics Element (FLE).
  • I successfully led an expedition of 80 personnel into living quarters on Camp Arifjan.
  • I served as the billeting captain, maintaining safe living conditions by enforcing fire codes and establishing a disciplined 24-hour quiet period to ensure undisturbed sleep for all shifts.
  • I arranged and established a quarters evacuation plan, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, mail, and admin support, advancing mission readiness and execution.
  • I led my section in receiving an excess of 20,000 receipts, greatly enhancing the SSA’s ability to exceed the Department of the Army customer wait time goal of 10 days.
  • I was dedicated to tough physical training and aided my soldiers in raising their APFT score from 257 points to 277 points and meeting Army body fat standards.
  • I served as Acting Team Leader for 3 months and trained other Mission Commanders in 2 units to ensure mission success.

G4 S&S

  • I oversaw the Division’s supply operation during the reception, staging, and onward movement operation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • I provided essential information and implemented standard operational procedures to all units upon their arrival to ensure a seamless transition into the operational environment.
  • I wrote an Operation Needs Statement to ensure the division was equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment for mission support.
  • I supervised the setting up of a supply site to receive new gear and enhance combat readiness in Iraq.
  • I trained Division Liaison NCOs in Kuwait on supply operations.
  • I oversaw the logistic system in Iraq for a heavy infantry division consisting of ten brigade combat teams.
  • I provided technical advice to the BCTs, enabling them to improve their supply warehouse operations.
  • I maintained, accounted for, and safeguarded MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) and supplies.
  • I was responsible for training planning, coordination of training areas, ranges, and development classes for the battalion.
  • I wrote the internal SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and assisted in writing the Base Defense plan for Forward Base, ensuring soldiers’ safety.
  • I planned and executed personnel and vehicle search classes, resulting in a number of trained soldiers who could serve as trainers for Forward Base.
  • I maintained accurate daily records of transportation data, providing critical information regarding convoy trends and patterns.
  • I played a key role in relocating the battalion operation center from Camp to without any damage or loss of equipment.
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