MOS 92S Shower, Laundry and Clothing Repair

Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Sergeant

As the Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Sergeant for HHD, 21st Combat Support Hospital (CSH) with a worldwide contingency mission, your responsibilities include managing logistics operations in both field and garrison environments. You supervise the establishment of laundry and shower facilities, as well as the receipt, storage, and issuance of supplies and clothing. Additionally, you are in charge of requesting necessary supplies and ensuring the welfare and health of 11 Soldiers under your care.

First Sergeant

In your role as the First Sergeant for a modular, direct support Quartermaster Company supporting III Corps divisional and nondivisional units, you are responsible for maintaining and ensuring accountability for various equipment, including Laundry Advanced Systems (LADS), shower units, Semi-trailer Mounted Fabric Tanks (SMFTs), and vehicles. You also play a crucial role in planning, organizing, and executing unit-level training that aligns with the company’s Mission Essential Task List (METL). Furthermore, you are responsible for the health, welfare, tactical training, combat readiness, safety, and discipline of 122 Soldiers. You serve as the principal advisor to the company commander on all enlisted issues.

Sustainment Operations Division Staff NCO

As a Sustainment Operations Division staff NCO, your focus is on sustainment planning for Tactical Laundry and Bath Operations during exercises, peace, stability, and war. You provide technical assistance and policy guidance to managers from various organizations supporting USAREUR forces, including USEUCOM, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, IMCOM-E, AMC, DLA, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Your responsibilities also involve reviewing, staffing, and preparing changes to sustainment publications, as well as updating operational plans and exercise support agreements.

Team Chief

In your role as the Team Chief of a Shower, Laundry, and Clothing Repair (SLCR) Section in the 16th Field Service Company, you are responsible for the training, morale, and technical guidance of 11 Soldiers. Your duties include maintaining and ensuring accountability for vehicles such as the 1083 and 1088 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, as well as shower units and a Laundry Advanced System (LADS) valued at over 3,000,000 dollars. You supervise preventive maintenance of laundry, shower, and sewing equipment, estimate supply requirements, request supplies, and oversee the receipt, storage, and issue of supplies and equipment.

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