Construction Equipment Repairer Duty Descriptions

91L2O Construction Equipment Repairer

As a Construction Equipment Repairer, your primary responsibility is to perform field-level maintenance on construction equipment used for various tasks such as earthmoving, grading, compaction, lifting, loading, quarrying, rock crushing, asphalt and concrete mixing, surfacing, water pumping, air compression, and more. You would be proficient in troubleshooting engines, power trains, fuel and electrical systems, hydraulic systems, earth-moving components, and pneumatic equipment. Additionally, you would supervise lower-grade soldiers and provide them with technical guidance to accomplish their duties.

91L Motor Sergeant

In the role of a Motor Sergeant, you would serve in a Corps asset Multi-Role Bridge Company, specifically assigned to the 19th Engineer Battalion. Your responsibilities would include the professional development, discipline, and training of five Noncommissioned Officers and 23 Soldiers. You would be accountable for the daily maintenance operation of over 400 pieces of wheel, bridge, engineer, and watercraft equipment. Coordinating service and repair for 167 pacing items valued over $14,000,000 would be part of your duties, along with managing reports, supervising the shop stock, and overseeing facilities, tools, equipment, and Sets, Kits, and Outfits (SKO) valued at over $3,000,000.

91L20 Heavy Construction Vehicle Repairer Mechanic

As a Heavy Construction Vehicle Repairer Mechanic, you would serve in a Field Maintenance Team for an Engineer Forward Deployed Mobility Augmentation Company supporting the 20th Engineer Battalion. You would be responsible for the accountability, serviceability, and maintenance of various equipment, including heavy vehicles such as RG-31A1 and RG-31A2, MTV, Forward Repair System, M916A3, M870A1 Trailers, IVMMDs, generators, M984A4 Wreckers, MATVs, and Buffalos, valued at $8 million. Additionally, you would be in charge of the combat readiness, training, health, welfare, discipline, and accountability of seven soldiers and their combat equipment.

Movement Supervisor

As a Movement Supervisor, your role would involve supervising and performing field and sustained maintenance on tracked and wheeled vehicles, construction equipment, and special purpose equipment. This includes power generation equipment, air conditioning/refrigeration equipment, and quartermaster and chemical equipment. You may serve as a support maintenance machine shop supervisor or metalworking supervisor. You would also supervise recovery operations on tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles, and related activities, including electrical wiring harness system repair/maintenance.

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