MOS 91K Armament Repairer Duty Descriptions

(previously MOS 45K)

91K3O Armament Maintenance Supervisor

As an Armament Maintenance Supervisor, you would hold a leadership role within a Brigade Support Battalion Maintenance Company. Your responsibilities would include serving as a squad leader and overseeing the training, mentorship, counseling, health, and welfare of eleven soldiers. You would be directly responsible for organizational and direct support maintenance for the brigade, including planning and organizing work schedules, assigning workloads, and ensuring the proper disposition, evacuation, and transportation of equipment. Additionally, you would be accountable for inventory and equipment valued at over $966,645.45.

91K30 Armament Repairer

At the 91K30 level, you would be performing the duties of a small arms/artillery repairer. In this role, you would supervise lower-ranking soldiers and provide them with technical guidance to accomplish their duties. You would inspect and troubleshoot fire control systems components, towed fired artillery control systems, and self-propelled artillery fire control systems. You would also perform direct/general support and depot level maintenance and repairs on tank turrets and weapons mechanisms/systems.

Small Arm/Artillery Repairer

As a Small Arm/Artillery Repairer, you would be responsible for field and sustainment level support maintenance of various weapon systems, including the M9, M4, M16A4, M249, M240B, M240C, M2, M2A1, M203, M320, and MK19. Your duties would involve the disposition, evacuation, and movement of equipment requiring higher-level maintenance. You would also be responsible for the health, welfare, and training of three soldiers and maintaining accountability of small arms repair special tools and equipment valued at over $300,000.

Armament Shop Foreman (SGT)

As the Armament Shop Foreman, you would hold the rank of Sergeant and serve in X CO, Brigade Support Battalion of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Your role would involve providing direct support maintenance of small arms, fire control, and artillery equipment for multiple infantry battalions, a field artillery battalion, and a cavalry squadron. You would be responsible for the professional development, health, safety, and training of nine soldiers, as well as ensuring the serviceability and accountability of shop sets, electronic shelters, and generators valued at over $120,000.

Section Chief for the Armament Repair Section

As the Section Chief for the Armament Repair Section within the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, your duties would include supervising the inspection, troubleshooting, and maintenance of small arms, artillery, optical, and fire control systems. You would be responsible for training, mentoring, and ensuring the accountability of NCOs, soldiers, and their families. Additionally, you would provide oversight, mentorship, and technical guidance to Combat Repair Team Armament Maintainers, while being accountable for valuable test equipment, vehicles, and repair parts worth over $X.X million.

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