MOS 91H Track Vehicle Repairer Duty Descriptions

91H Recovery Supervisor

The 91H Recovery Supervisor serves in a Forward Support Company of a Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. Their role is to provide technical expertise and guidance in recovering and repairing assets on the battlefield. They employ practical methods to recover and repair disabled or immobilized vehicles resulting from terrain conditions, mechanical failures, or hostile actions in both combat and garrison environments. The Recovery Supervisor performs battle damage assessment and repair/recovery (BDAR/R) operations. They possess knowledge of rigging techniques and expedient repairs. The Recovery Supervisor is responsible for training and supervising lower-ranking soldiers with the H8 Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) in proper towing, lifting, winching, and rigging techniques.

91X40 Motor Sergeant

In the Special Troops Battalion consolidated Motor Pool, the 91X40 Motor Sergeant assumes the role of Battalion Motor Sergeant. They are responsible for the overall well-being and professional development of five non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and five soldiers. The Motor Sergeant’s primary duties include planning, coordinating, directing, and managing organizational maintenance operations. They ensure the execution of scheduled and unscheduled field maintenance for six pacing items and over 500 pieces of reportable equipment. Additionally, they manage The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) and the Shop Stock Listing (SSL) to ensure efficient maintenance operations.

Track Vehicle Repairer

As a Track Vehicle Repairer, this soldier serves in a Forward Support Company, providing support to a Field Artillery Battalion. Their main responsibilities revolve around performing maintenance on tracked vehicles and coordinating repairs for fuel and electrical systems. The Track Vehicle Repairer conducts tests and repairs on diesel power plants, engine fuel systems, air induction systems, air and liquid cooling systems, hull electrical systems, and automatic transmission assemblies. They also service track vehicle cross drive transmission assemblies, transfer assemblies, hydraulic brake systems, and fire suppression systems. Additionally, they are entrusted with maintaining a forward supply point valued at over $1,000,000.

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