Tactical Power Generation Specialist

  • I assisted with the excess turn-in of more than 52 recoverable repair parts, which returned over $157,000 to the Army supply system and cleared the overage report, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.
  • I supervised a nine-Soldier scheduled maintenance team, successfully completing over 212 services within a one-year period, maintaining the operational readiness of critical power generation equipment.
  • Dedication to the Battery Maintenance shop and Supply Support Activity led me to recharge over 450 batteries, resulting in significant cost savings of over $200,000 for the Brigade.

Power Generation Equipment Repairer

  • During the JRTC rotation 001-20, I helped sustain the battalion by developing power distribution layouts for 24-hour operations over a 30-day period, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and operational effectiveness.
  • In a Mountain Peak Field Training Exercise, I effectively utilized available resources to accomplish all missions, consistently producing concrete results and ensuring mission success.
  • I implemented a proactive maintenance battle rhythm, significantly reducing equipment non-mission capable (NMC) time and saving over 900 man-hours over six months, enhancing equipment availability and readiness.
  • Throughout a field problem, I maintained over 10 generators, ensuring continuous power supply and reliable operations for the duration of the exercise.
  • I troubleshooted and fixed three generators from other units, effectively keeping them operational and supporting their mission requirements.
  • During various operational activities, such as setting up the sleep area, command post, and motorpool tent, I exhibited dedication and attention to detail, ensuring smooth operations without any incidents.
  • I maintained all generators of Br5-7 Air Defense Artillery, delivering a serviceability rate of 99.9%, making them the most reliable generators in the area.
  • During the JC-16 mission, I ensured that all maintenance and services were up to date on all equipment, resulting in no deficiencies and maintaining high operational readiness.
  • I demonstrated unselfish care for my squad members, devoting ample time to ensure their safety, discipline, training, education, and personal needs were met, fostering a positive and supportive environment.
  • I volunteered for extra duty as a member of the Retrograde and Property Assistance Team (RPAT), contributing to the recovery of over $1,000,000 in serviceable equipment, maximizing resource utilization.
  • As a member of a security detail, I supported CL III fuel resupply missions to the Erbil Area of Operations, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply of fuel.
  • I played an instrumental role in the proper execution of property accountability within the Counter Iraqi Training and Equipment Funding Program, ensuring accurate records and efficient management of resources.
  • Within the 4/10 MTN unit, I supervised the only Battery Maintenance shop, recharging over 450 batteries, resulting in substantial cost savings of over $200,000 for the Brigade.
  • I utilized my skills and knowledge to make authorized modifications on starters for different lines of military equipment, including the C15, PLS, and 903 programs, enhancing their performance and reliability.
  • In response to a flood situation, I quickly set up nine generators, supplying 540 kilowatts of prime power, supporting eight reverse osmosis water purification units for 21 days, ensuring access to clean water for personnel.
  • I installed 1.5 miles of cable, 500 feet of duct bank, and a new 200 amp service for Langley’s cantonment site, improving electrical infrastructure and supporting mission operations.
  • I supervised a nine-man team for the disassembly of a 5,000 square foot Clamshell shelter, ensuring efficient and safe dismantling procedures.
  • Through expeditious repairs of six load break elbows and replacement of 200 feet of wire, I restored electrical power to a 1,200 person beddown area within three hours, ensuring mission continuity and personnel comfort.
  • I worked outside of my MOS, preparing to cross-train as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, and successfully completed numerous services, showcasing my adaptability and commitment to learning.
  • I demonstrated exceptional efficiency by tearing down a Clamshell shelter in less than 36 hours, creating more runway space at Ali Air Base, Iraq, and optimizing operational capabilities.
  • I played a key role in the reconstitution of three 4K shelters at Manas Transit Center, ensuring the availability and functionality of essential infrastructure.
  • Through my dedication to duty, I effectively set up the area of operation, maintenance tents, and power generation and distribution during FTX, supporting mission requirements and ensuring operational readiness.
  • I provided the technical knowledge necessary for the maintenance of 96 generators during redeployment, ensuring their serviceability and readiness for future operations.
  • I volunteered over 75 hours to running, load banking, and troubleshooting generators awaiting deployment, maximizing their reliability and performance.
  • I enabled ASG-A to rapidly redeploy 37 generators to three FOBs, providing power for more than 1,200 NATO personnel, contributing to mission success and support.
  • Assigned to the Bldg 345 Engine area, I disassembled, cleaned, repaired, and reassembled starters, ensuring their optimal performance and extending their service life.
  • I supervised the company’s power generation equipment repair section, ensuring efficient maintenance and repair operations, and maximizing equipment availability.
  • Assigned to the FMTV Section in Bldg 551 on Red River Army Depot (RRAD), I successfully tore down and reinstalled multiple overhead lighting systems, improving lighting infrastructure and enhancing safety.
  • I assisted in the teardown and replacement of ceilings and wall panels, contributing to the overall maintenance and improvement of facilities.
  • I consistently sought out new tasks and responsibilities, demonstrating a proactive and dedicated approach to my duties.
  • As the company’s only generator mechanic, I performed over 40 services, ensuring the company’s generators were mission-ready at all times.
  • I trained outside my primary MOS, including 91D, to perform necessary actions in MOS 92A, 91B, and 88M, expanding my skill set and versatility.
  • I influenced my peers with my willingness to learn and contribute, making me a valuable asset to the unit and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • I maintained the primary generator at a Fully Mission Capable (FMC) rate of 90% or above, ensuring its availability and reliability for critical operations.
  • I performed duties with minimal supervision and filled the NCOIC position during deployment, effectively managing maintenance operations and ensuring mission success.
  • I expanded operations and set up a 20 MW power generation plant for the Air Force RED HORSE team, supporting their mission requirements and enhancing operational capabilities.
  • Through hundreds of hours of overtime, I repaired 28 vehicles, saving the unit more than $40,000 in repair costs and ensuring their operational readiness.
  • I maintained five types of vehicles in a high state of readiness, conducting timely maintenance and repairs to maximize their availability and performance.
  • I maintained all unit generators to the highest standard, ensuring their reliability and functionality to support mission operations.
  • I consistently set high standards for myself and others, promoting a culture of excellence and professionalism within the unit.
  • My thorough inspection and PMCS procedures were recognized by the NGB command logistics readiness team inspector, reflecting my commitment to meticulous maintenance practices.
  • As the only generator mechanic supporting HWB 2/3d ACR, I played a vital role in maintaining and repairing generators to support operational requirements.
  • I successfully completed one NTC rotation with HWB 2/3d ACR, receiving praise for my exceptional support and contributions to the unit’s success during the training exercise.
  • I utilized my extensive knowledge of generators to provide valuable assistance in performing and assisting in the completion of over 30 services, ensuring the optimal functionality of the equipment.
  • I volunteered to perform inspections under the motor pool’s Quality Assurance program, demonstrating my commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring the quality and reliability of the vehicles and equipment.
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