MOS 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic Duty Descriptions

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

Undertakes assigned duties at the preceding skill level, supervising and offering technical guidance to lower-ranking Soldiers in the execution of their responsibilities. Conducts in-process inspection and troubleshooting procedures while repairing and overhauling engines, transmissions, power train major assemblies and components, hydraulic systems, and fuel system components. Oversees the performance of the recovery team during wheeled vehicle recovery operations.

Performs field-level maintenance on automotive wheeled vehicles, operates wheeled vehicles, learns troubleshooting techniques, maintains fuel systems, carries out electrical system maintenance, power train maintenance, chassis, suspension, and steering maintenance, brake maintenance, conducts preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS), covers common maintenance subjects, TMDE, publications, maintenance forms, proper tool and power tool usage, shop safety, maintenance discipline, information systems security, physical fitness, and the use of the Soldier’s Manual and 40 warrior tasks and 9 battle drills.

Maintains wheeled vehicles, associated trailers, and material handling equipment systems through inspections, servicing, maintenance, repairs, replacements, adjustments, and testing of parts and systems. Holds responsibility for the maintenance support of six vehicles worth $775,834. Additionally, accountable for the use and readiness of two general mechanic’s toolkits and a Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS) Trailer valued at $220,830. Leads company vehicle recovery operations as needed.

Takes charge of the maintenance of 25 wheeled vehicles and 15 generators, valued over $1,000,000. Supervises, trains, advises, and professionally develops three subordinates. Carries out unit maintenance-related administrative functions and oversees the preparation of records and reports. Plans and organizes the layout of the work area to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Establishes safety procedures and inspects the work area to ensure a safe physical and environmental environment. Supervises on-the-job training.

Serves as a Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic for a Non-Division Maintenance Company in the Corps Support Battalion at the National Training Center. Provides maintenance support for the unit, nine tenant units, the National Training Center, and rotation units regeneration. Responsible for the training, professional development, welfare, morale, quality of life, and discipline of nine soldiers. Accountable for the maintenance and serviceability of four pieces of wheeled equipment and seven general mechanic tool kits valued in excess of $600,000.

Acts as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and a Squad Leader on a Combat Repair Team, supporting 2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. Maintains hazardous materials (hazmat), TMDE, unscheduled services, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control on organizational and direct support maintenance for 74 Strykers, 40 wheeled vehicles, and over 400 pieces of communication and weapon systems. Holds responsibility for the serviceability and accountability of tools and equipment worth over $1.6 million. Also responsible for the health, welfare, and professional development of four soldiers.

Senior Mechanic

Serves as the Senior Mechanic in a Medium Transportation unit specializing in petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL). Assumes responsibility for the well-being, training, discipline, and morale of three Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and 16 Soldiers. Provides guidance and supervision to subordinates, ensuring the seamless execution of maintenance operations on 35 M1088 systems and 6 M1114 HMMWVs. Maintains the accountability and operational readiness of one M984A1 HEMMT Wrecker and two Recovery Crews. Offers expert technical assistance for repairs at the direct support level.

Senior Mechanic 91B30

Serves as a Senior Mechanic in a Forward Support Company, overseeing the maintenance, welfare, training, discipline, and morale of 5 team leaders and 11 Soldiers. Provides guidance and technical expertise to subordinates while organizing and conducting maintenance tasks on Field Artillery movement vehicles and M777 Howitzers. Assumes responsibility for the accountability and operational readiness of M984A1 HEMMT Wreckers and Service Recovery Crews. Offers expert technical assistance for repairs at the direct support level.

Motor Sergeant

Serves as Battalion Motor Sergeant and is responsible for the 420th MCB Battalion’s monthly AMSS report and three subordinate units; acts as the acting Supply Sergeant and unit LIK (License, Inspection, and Key Control) coordinator for the 211th CTC; accountable for reports, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repairs, and services on a diverse inventory of over 54 equipment items, including wheeled vehicles, material handling Kalmars, generators and light sets, special tools, vehicles, and class IX repair parts; assumes overall supervision, training, maintenance, health, and welfare responsibilities for 3 Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers.

Serves as a Motor Sergeant in a Brigade Support Company assigned to a Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. Primarily responsible for providing field-level maintenance support to a Cavalry Squadron and two Military Intelligence Battalions. Supervises the maintenance, repairs, and services of 600 wheeled vehicles and support equipment. Manages maintenance operations, creates work schedules, attends maintenance and shop safety meetings. Ensures accountability for equipment valued at $8,610,566. Oversees the health, welfare, safety, and training of 15 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and 50 Soldiers.

Motor Sergeant for the 4th Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment with a mission of worldwide deployment in support of European Command (EUCOM) contingency missions and combat operations. Manages unscheduled maintenance for 224 ground support equipment items valued over $12,432,000. Directly responsible for the accountability of $141,000 worth of maintenance support equipment. Assumes responsibility for the self-development, training, safety, discipline, health, and welfare of 3 Non-Commissioned Officers and 4 Soldiers.

Performs duties as the Battalion Motor Sergeant for the Special Troops Battalion consolidated Motor Pool. Responsible for the health, welfare, professional development, training, and morale of five Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and five Soldiers. Principal duties include planning, coordinating, directing, and managing organizational maintenance for scheduled and unscheduled field maintenance. Oversees six pacing items and over 500 pieces of reportable equipment. Manages The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) and Shop Stock Listing (SSL).

Serves as a Motor Sergeant for a forward-deployed tactical signal company. Provides tactical contingency command and control (C2) communications support to United States Army Europe (USAREUR), European Command (EUCOM), United States Central Command (CENTCOM), and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) missions within the EUCOM and CENTCOM area of responsibility. Accountable for the maintenance and combat mission readiness of government property exceeding $26,000,000. Ensures accurate service, deadline, and Unit Status Report (USR) reporting, as well as overall motor pool effectiveness. Assumes responsibility for the training, welfare, discipline, combat readiness, and development of 13 Soldiers.

Shop Foreman

Serves as a Shop Foreman in the Combat Repair Team for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Provides scheduled and unscheduled field-level maintenance and logistical support for 81 Stryker Combat Vehicles, 32 HMMWVs, 15 generators, 15 HEMTTs, 34 trailers, and one M88. Responsible for the health, welfare, training, and professional development of 24 Soldiers and four Non-Commissioned Officers. Ensures accountability of assigned vehicles and equipment valued at over $2 million.

Serves as a Shop Foreman in a deployable MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) Military Police Company. Provides technical guidance to subordinates performing field and sustainment maintenance on 60 pieces of equipment, including material handling and ground support equipment. Establishes priorities, work schedules, supervises work flow, and monitors repair procedures. Determines serviceability and disposition of defective assemblies and subassemblies. Responsible for the accountability and preservation of MTOE property valued in excess of $250,000.

Serves as a Shop Foreman in the Forward Support Company of an Assault Helicopter Battalion deployed in the Republic of Korea. Prioritizes DS/GS (Direct Support/General Support) work orders and performs troubleshooting procedures using diagnostic tools and schematics. Provides recovery support to seven companies with over 200 pieces of wheeled vehicles, trailers, power generation, and material handling equipment. Coordinates tracking of scheduled and unscheduled services, installation of repair parts, Forward Repair System (FRS) organization, and shop safety. Ensures the training, readiness, and professional development of 4 NCOs and 23 Soldiers. Accounts for MTOE valued over $3.5 million.

Serves as a Shop Foreman in a Heavy Brigade Combat Team Support Battalion. Supervises 20 soldiers and 3 NCOs during shop operations, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks, troubleshooting procedures, support maintenance job orders, shop operations, and safety. Directly responsible for the professional development of 3 NCOs. Accountable for property and assets worth $xxx,xxx.

Service and Recovery Section Sergeant

Serves as the Service and Recovery NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) for the 703rd Brigade Support Battalion in direct support of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division. Supervises recovery and welding operations and is responsible for the individual and collective training, professional development, health, welfare, and mentorship of seven NCOs and 13 junior enlisted Soldiers. Coordinates, directs, and manages scheduled and unscheduled field maintenance on two M984A2 HEMTT wreckers, two M1089A1 MTV Wreckers, and Shop Equipment Welding Trailer. Maintains accountability for tools and equipment valued in excess of $4,000,000.

Serves as the Service and Recovery Section Sergeant for 1-67 Combined Arms Battalion. Responsible for the accountability, training, safety, morale, and welfare of 20 Soldiers. Provides expertise in troubleshooting, isolating, and repairing malfunctions, as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on four M88A2 Recovery Vehicles, two M984 wreckers, and one M1089. Accountable for over $1,000,000 worth of equipment.

Technical Inspector

Maintains quality standards by approving incoming materials, in-process production, and finished products; recording quality results. Approves incoming materials by confirming specifications; conducting visual and measurement tests; rejecting and returning unacceptable materials. Approves in-process production by confirming specifications; conducting visual and measurement tests; communicating required adjustments to the production supervisor. Approves finished products by confirming specifications; conducting visual and measurement tests; returning products for re-work; confirming re-work. Documents inspection results by completing reports and logs; summarizing re-work and waste; inputting data into the quality database. Keeps measurement equipment operating by following operating instructions; calling for repairs. Maintains a safe and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading technical publications. Accomplishes quality and organizational mission by completing related results as needed.

Maintenance Support Operations NCO

Serves as a Maintenance Support Operations NCO for a Special Troops Maneuver Support Battalion in support of the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized). Forward deployed to the CENTCOM area of operations, the NCO manages The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) and all related logistical management functions for seven companies. They coordinate the ordering and distribution of Class II and IX items for five locations, manage repairs and contractor assistance for weaponry, optics, and combat MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) equipment, and oversee maintenance for three Route Clearance packages operating in all regional commands of Afghanistan. The NCO is directly responsible for battle loss/damage replenishment.

Maintenance Supervisor

Serves as a Maintenance Supervisor in USAREUR’s (United States Army Europe) dual-mission Opposing Forces Battalion. The battalion deploys in support of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force. The supervisor is responsible for the health, welfare, morale, professional development, tactical employment, and training of four NCOs and six Soldiers. They oversee scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of 89 M113A2 Armored Personnel Carriers, 101 pieces of rolling stock, ground support and material handling equipment, as well as the battalion welding shop, tools, and equipment valued at $9,738,235.

Maintenance Platoon Sergeant

Serves as a Maintenance Platoon Sergeant for Hotel Forward Support Company, 2-30th Infantry Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. The platoon sergeant is responsible for the health, morale, and welfare of 28 Soldiers, 14 Noncommissioned Officers, and two Commissioned Officers. They supervise the maintenance of the battalion’s fleet, which is valued in excess of $46,000,000, and enforce safety and environmental protection procedures throughout the platoon area.

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