MOS 91A Abrams Tank System Maintainer Duty Descriptions

M1 Abrams Systems Maintainer

The M1 Abrams Systems Maintainer performs and supervises Direct Support maintenance on the M1A1 Abrams tank and M2A2 Bradley Line Replaceable Units (LRU). They are responsible for conducting initial and final inspections on all LRUs and fire control systems. This includes employing testing and diagnostic procedures outlined in technical manuals. Additionally, they are accountable for the maintenance and inventory of vehicles, special tools, and test equipment worth over $300,000. The M1 Abrams Systems Maintainer also assumes the role of overseeing the welfare, training, and guidance of eleven soldiers.

91A20/M1A1 Abrams Systems Maintainer

The 91A20/M1A1 Abrams Systems Maintainer performs unit maintenance and select on-board direct support tasks, such as major assembly replacement, on M1 tanks, including the turret and fire control systems. They are capable of executing all 10-level tasks and supervise lower-grade soldiers while providing technical guidance to accomplish their duties. This specialist diagnoses and rectifies malfunctions in various subsystems and performs on-board direct support tasks, including major assembly replacement. They also assist 10-level soldiers in troubleshooting and maintenance tasks on the M1/M1A1 tank.

Abrams Tank System Supervisor

The Abrams Tank System Supervisor serves as the supervisor of a Combat Repair Team in support of an Armor Company within a Combined Arms Battalion. They provide technical guidance to leaders and vehicle operators involved in maintenance activities for wheeled and tracked vehicles. Additionally, they oversee vehicle recovery operations. The Abrams Tank System Supervisor is responsible for the well-being of three NCOs and eight soldiers. They establish maintenance priorities, monitor repair procedures, and supervise scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on various equipment, including 14 M1A2 Tanks, one M88A2, two M113A3, one 1079 FMTV, and one M1074 PLS, with a combined value exceeding nine million dollars.

91A4O: Abrams Tank Systems Supervisor

As an Abrams Tank Systems Supervisor in a Rapid Deployment Brigade Support Battalion supporting a Combined Arms Battalion within the 3rd Infantry Division, this role involves planning, coordinating, directing, and managing organizational maintenance activities. The supervisor oversees maintenance for multiple vehicles, including one M88A2 Heavy Recovery Vehicle, one M113A3 APC, three M1078 LMTVs, six HMMWVs, one M7 Forward Repair System, and 14 M1A2 SEP V2 Main Battle Tanks. They are responsible for the well-being, professional development, training, and morale of three non-commissioned officers and nine soldiers. The Abrams Tank Systems Supervisor is also accountable for tools and equipment valued at over $2,000,000.

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