MOS 88Z Transportation Senior Sergeant Duty Descriptions

Senior Truckmaster

As a Senior Truckmaster in a Transportation Company comprised of over 170 soldiers, my role is to oversee the motor pool and enforce safety and environmental standards. I am responsible for the Drivers Training Program, ensuring the health, welfare, professional development, safety, tactical and technical competence, and morale of the soldiers under my supervision.

88Z5O Senior Transportation Supervisor

In my position as the Operations Center NCOIC for a forward stationed Transportation Brigade, I am responsible for tracking strategic deployment, redeployment, retrograde, and sustainment operations in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Spartan Shield. I facilitate information flow between headquarters such as SDDC, 1st TSC, and USC-7/multi-modal carriers to provide accurate information on the PAKGLOC, NDN, and multi-modal Air Lines of Communication. I am accountable for quality assurance of the daily OPSUM, which provides a synchronized picture of the brigade’s efforts, aiding in strategic-level decision-making for USFOR-A and CENTCOM. Additionally, I am responsible for the training of several officers, warrant officers, NCOs, and junior enlisted personnel. I also serve as the Brigade SARC and oversee the SHARP program, which covers 375 soldiers and civilians stationed in eight host nations.


As the senior enlisted advisor to the commander of the National Training Center Movement Control Company, I oversee operations at three distinct operational sites in support of NTC. My responsibilities include the health, welfare, training, administration, professional development, accountability, safety, morale, and mentoring of 21 NCOs, 26 soldiers, and their family members. I ensure that all soldiers in the company are trained and proficient in warrior tasks and drills. I work closely with the commander in planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities that support the unit’s mission. Additionally, I am accountable for the maintenance and serviceability of equipment valued at over $3,000,000.

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