MOS 88U, Railway Specialist Duty Descriptions

Railroad Operations NCO

As a Railroad Operations NCO, my primary responsibility is to operate diesel-electric locomotives and assemble train cars for the transportation of supplies and equipment. I coordinate with both civilian and government rail operators to ensure the efficient use of tracks. Additionally, I supervise and provide technical guidance to subordinates, ensuring their adherence to safety protocols. I interpret instructions from signal towers, switches, and other trains and ensure compliance with operating timetables, safety precautions, and regulations. Furthermore, I schedule and coordinate train loading and movements to facilitate smooth operations.

Railway Specialist

In my role as a Railway Specialist, I assist in rail planning activities by assessing the capability and safety of the rail network infrastructure. I arrange the use of host nation or contracted rail assets to support transportation needs. I perform signal tower functions and oversee operations related to train car coupling and uncoupling. Using onboard signaling devices, I communicate with internal and external agents to ensure effective coordination. Additionally, I specialize in identifying and isolating hazardous, flammable, and explosive cargo. I supervise the loading and unloading of equipment and cargo, conduct inspections and minor repairs on railway cars, and verify seals and seal numbers on freight cars.

Rail Operations Specialist

As a Rail Operations Specialist, my responsibilities include receiving, writing, transmitting, and interpreting train orders. I keep crews informed of road conditions and schedule changes, and investigate train schedule delays to recommend corrective actions. I assign locomotive operators and crewmen and inspect cars at route stops. Ensuring the safe hauling of cargo, I adjust lashing and bracing as necessary. I maintain records of the daily movement of cars, receive requisitions for empty cars, and authorize their movement to locations for loading. Additionally, I supervise the handling, classification, and switching of cars in railway yards, ensuring efficient operations.

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