• Trained 20 Soldiers on the Enhanced Container Handling Unit (ECHU) system during Platoon ADVON training, positioning the platoon for success in the upcoming xCTC.
  • Conducted training for 18 Soldiers on proper trailer coupling and uncoupling operations, loading LHS flat racks on and off M1076 LHS trailers, and rack stacking and installation operations, significantly enhancing capabilities.
  • Took charge of key log, dispatch, and training duties, resulting in improved daily operations and a 30% reduction in delays.
  • Assumed the role of convoy commander during a manning crisis, effectively sustaining operations and maintaining a strong safety record.
  • Made exceptional contributions as a reliable and knowledgeable operator, making me an outstanding addition to the 396th Composite Truck Company, and significantly multiplying section capability.
  • Maintained accurate tracking and up-to-date PMCSs, effectively preventing unit vehicle failures.
  • Successfully completed the 40-hour HET NET training, becoming a valuable asset to the upcoming company mission in Iraq.
  • Successfully tested and licensed my team on the 5-ton and HMMWV vehicles.
  • Licensed to operate vehicles weighing up to 25 tons, with primary vehicles being the M1070 Super HET and M911 HET.
  • Conducted Common Tasks Training to enhance the skills and readiness of personnel.
  • Ensured range safety by closely monitoring safety protocols, clearing weapons malfunctions, and assisting shooters with their technique.
  • Mentored three junior personnel on activation and mobilization processing, effectively guiding them through the necessary procedures.
  • Safely delivered over $10,000,000 worth of class VII cargo for deploying units to the shipping port.
  • Managed the ammunition point for the battalion’s M2 range, earning recognition from the battalion CSM for operational efficiency.
  • Trained three junior personnel in various aspects of mobilization preparation and processing, resulting in the section’s effectiveness reaching its goal three weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Contributed to the success of over 100 missions while deployed in support of Operation NEW DAWN.

Master Driver

  • Instructed a mandatory 40-hour drivers course to over 120 Soldiers in the battalion, achieving a 100% pass rate.
  • Selected as the Battalion Master Driver over four senior Noncommissioned Officers, showcasing exceptional skills and knowledge in the field.
  • Recognized as the best Master Driver instructor in the company.
  • Trained over 50 Soldiers on the M-915 tractor/M-871 trailer in preparation for deployment to Southwest Asia.
  • Chosen over 12 other NCOs for assignment as Company Master Driver.
  • Developed and implemented a driver/operator training and qualification tracking system, reducing site qualification time by 50%.

Battalion Master Driver

  • Selected as the NCOIC for the Battalion Drivers Training Program, making significant improvements for overall training success.
  • Monitored and motivated six Company Level Master Drivers to successfully accomplish all missions.
  • Performed leadership duties with decisiveness and a positive attitude, yielding exceptional results.
  • Met challenges head-on, displaying courage, conviction, and professionalism on a daily basis.
  • Revised and implemented a 40-hour block training program throughout the Battalion, achieving a 100% success rate.
  • Trained 50 Soldiers and 26 Noncommissioned Officers, significantly increasing the operational readiness of drivers/operators in the Battalion by 75%.
  • Ensured that readiness training and weapons qualification for the platoon were 100% complete.

Heavy Vehicle Driver

  • Dedicated myself to the care and maintenance of assigned vehicles, playing a vital role in the success of Guardian company and the completion of multiple missions.
  • Drove 3,500 incident-free miles on Fort Polk, contributing to the Company’s outstanding safety record.
  • Provided assistance to leadership during Mountain Peak training and efficiently dispensed 1500 gallons of diesel fuel to multiple units within the battalion, significantly supporting mission operations.
  • Successfully moved 7 palletized mine rollers from the 2-137 motor pool to the stone ramp using the M1120A4 LHS, accomplishing the task with minimal resources.
  • Completed a high-risk movement of mine rollers on time with minimal equipment, resulting in no damage to equipment or personnel.
  • Turned in over $1,000,000 worth of excess property within the Battalion’s footprint during Task Force Harvest, reclaiming company fiscal resources.
  • Contributed to maintaining safety for over 28 civilians and six German soldiers during the Battalion’s four-day range week, ensuring zero safety issues or concerns.
  • Assisted in the movement of 32 ISU 90s in direct support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, playing a crucial role in the Battalion’s successful mission.
  • Educated and updated officers and enlisted personnel on OSHA and Safety regulations per SOP.
  • Served as a Heavy Equipment Transport Driver and Instructor.
  • Licensed to operate vehicles weighing up to 25 tons, with a gross average combination weight of 235,000 pounds, primarily utilizing the M1070 Super HET and M911 HET.
  • Conducted Common Tasks Training to enhance skills and readiness.
  • Trained and qualified 20 Soldiers on the M1070 Tractor/M1000 Trailer.
  • Served as a truck commander on over 30 combat logistics patrols, escorting over 800 military and local national vehicles without incident while supporting forces throughout RC East.
  • Conducted a Heavy Equipment Transport Class for all in-country units.
  • Served as Range Safety, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, addressing weapons malfunctions, and assisting shooters with their technique.

Transportation Operator

  • Assisted in the emergency recovery of the M984 HEMTT wrecker and the M1089 FMTV wrecker in an unsecured province.
  • Played a key role in locating and recovering stolen M998 HMMWV vehicles.
  • Significantly improved the GT score from 87 to 115 for a Soldier.
  • Task-oriented and detail-minded, consistently completing assignments to the fullest while making sound and thoughtful decisions.
  • Maintains a fine balance between care and discipline, distinguishing as a mature and effective NCO.
  • Demonstrated genuine concern for the safety and welfare of fellow Soldiers through actions and examples.
  • Identified and resolved problems with truck preparation, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Task-oriented and detail-minded, consistently completing assignments to the fullest while staying focused and making thoughtful decisions.
  • Developed a diverse physical training program that increased the APFT average for a few Soldiers in the Special Population program.
  • Coordinated maintenance support to ensure all vehicles were properly maintained and fully mission-capable.
  • Implemented weekly inspections to ensure equipment was properly maintained and to prevent fraud, waste, or abuse of government equipment.
  • Maintained close management of inventory, resulting in 100% accountability and reduced incidental losses.
  • Played a key role in conducting over 100 successful missions while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Deployed and redeployed one Battalion to the Joint Readiness Training Center.
  • Deployed Foxtrot Co, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Battalion once to Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Deployed to Afghanistan in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.
  • Selected over four same-ranking SGTs to take command of the company while the CO and 1st Sgt were deployed to JRTC.
  • Demonstrates strong organizing and coordinating skills.
  • Ability to take charge of a task and maintain focus is well above average.
  • Named Squad Leader and entrusted with the responsibility of leading 13 Soldiers.


  • Qualified as an expert on assigned weapons and the M240B.
  • Facilitated the movement of the Company from JSS Maysan Province to COS G
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