MOS 88L Watercraft Engineer Duty Descriptions

88L4O (Senior Enlisted NCO) for LCU 2000

As the Senior Enlisted Engineer aboard a Landing Craft Utility 2000 Class (LCU-2000) vessel, the individual holds an 88L40 license and marine certification. They act as the assistant to the Chief Engineer and supervise the engine department, which includes personnel training, safety, maintenance, and general ship’s business. In the absence of the Chief Engineer, they assume their duties and responsibilities. The Senior Enlisted Engineer ensures that any issues related to vessel propulsion, plumbing, heating, or electrical systems are promptly repaired.

Senior Marine Engineman

In the role of a Senior Marine Engineman assigned aboard the U.S. Army Vessel, the individual provides technical oversight. They are responsible for preparing marine vessel equipment for operation, including starting, operating, troubleshooting, inspecting, servicing, adjusting, replacing, and repairing engines, generators, and their respective components. They also handle deck equipment, throttle controls, HVAC systems, steering mechanisms, cooling, lubricating, and fuel systems. Additionally, they have expertise in 12-volt D/C, 120/240-volt A/C electrical systems, including wiring assemblies and various electrical distribution systems. The Senior Marine Engineman computes fuel requirements and usage.

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