MOS 88H Cargo Specialist Duty Descriptions

MOSC 88H3O Cargo Specialist

The MOSC 88H3O Cargo Specialist is responsible for planning work schedules for terminal operations, airfield arrival/departure control groups (including passengers), and container/trailer transfer points. They utilize stowage plans, aircraft load plans, and other cargo handling forms. The Cargo Specialist issues materiel handling equipment, such as nets, slings, ropes, cables, and wire, and enforces safety practices. They also prepare, consolidate, and review administrative, personnel, and technical reports covering unit activities.

88H Operations Sergeant

The Operations Sergeant serves as a leader in an Inland Cargo Transfer Company. They coordinate the transshipment of cargo at air, rail, and truck terminals and supervise cargo/supply operations at Central Receiving/Shipping Points and Theater Distribution Centers in Sustainment and Brigade Combat Team areas. The Operations Sergeant also oversees the deployment and setup of a field Tactical Operations Center and is responsible for the employment of various equipment, including container handlers, HMMWVs, tractors, generators, and cargo valued in excess of $5 million.

Maintenance Program Manager

The Maintenance Program Manager has oversight of the maintenance program and develops and implements guidance to ensure mission effectiveness. They schedule and maintain accurate driver rosters, evaluate maintenance actions and equipment condition, and identify maintenance shortfalls and inconsistencies. The Maintenance Program Manager monitors and resolves scheduled and unscheduled driver issues and maintains standard operating procedures (SOPs) for motor stables, Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), and the completion of DA Form 5988s. They also instruct Soldiers and section leaders on vehicle maintenance documentation and review 5988s for accuracy.

10-254. 88H-Cargo Specialist, CMF 88 20070824

This is the military occupational specialty (MOS) description for the 88H Cargo Specialist, as designated by the Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program (ACASP). The MOSC 88H1O performs duties such as checking, tallying, and documenting cargo, rigging ships’ gear, and operating various equipment. The MOSC 88H2O assigns duties to cargo handlers, supervises cargo operations, oversees railhead tie-down crews, and manages crane operations. The MOSC 88H3O plans work schedules, issues materiel handling equipment, and prepares reports. The MOSC 88H4O supervises and manages the workforce, coordinates administrative matters, and provides staff supervision and guidance for personnel and cargo movement.

These roles within the Cargo Specialist field are essential for coordinating and managing the efficient transfer and handling of cargo in various transportation settings. They ensure that cargo is properly loaded and unloaded, maintain equipment, enforce safety practices, and provide administrative support to ensure smooth operations.

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