MOS 79V Retention & Transition NCO Duty Description

Command Career Counselor

The Command Career Counselor is responsible for providing career counseling to Army Reserve Soldiers. They identify and transfer eligible Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Soldiers to Selected Reserve (SELRES) status, conduct retention and transition interviews, and explain incentives and benefits to Soldiers. They determine the reenlistment or extension eligibility of Soldiers, prepare and process reenlistments, extensions, and transition documents, and coordinate reenlistment ceremonies. Additionally, they assist commanders in establishing unit Retention (RT) programs, identify eligible Soldiers to fill vacant Officer, Warrant Officer, and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Recruiter positions, and provide training to supported unit personnel.

Army Reserve Career Counselor 79V

The Army Reserve Career Counselor (ARCC) serves as the career counselor for all Soldiers at the USAR center and the surrounding Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) population. They are responsible for maintaining unit retention files, the retention board, and the office battle board. The ARCC briefs various career opportunities including Officer Development Course (ODC), 79R, AGR, Warrant Officer Candidate (WOC), and education opportunities. They assist in unit re-enlistments and extensions, counsel and retrieve Non-Prior Service (NP) Soldiers, and advise unit leadership on retention issues. They also provide support to the Army Reserve Recruiting Assistance Program (ARRAP).

Retention NCO

The Retention NCO advises and supports Commanders, Command Sergeants Major (CSMs), First Sergeants (1SGs), and retention personnel in implementing and sustaining unit retention programs and maintaining a positive unit climate. They conduct staff assistance visits, provide objective assessments of the unit’s retention mission, and identify personnel problems for corrective action by the leadership triad. They also conduct initial and sustainment training with Department of the Army Retention NCOs (DARNs), monitor the current strength status of the unit, supervise and review reenlistment activities, and provide counseling and career guidance to Soldiers while explaining the associated benefits.

ARCC-79V Retention NCO

The ARCC-79V Retention NCO conducts interviews, counsels, and qualifies Soldiers for transfer, reenlistment, extension, and warrant officer opportunities. They explain benefits and incentives, prepare necessary forms and documents, and provide career and transition assistance to Soldiers in the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR). They also conduct professional development programs, serving as the commander’s primary agent for retention, transition, and warrant officer activities. Additionally, they explain USAR benefits to family members and staff a family assistance center during mobilization.

79V40/50 with ASI 7R RCCC Counselor

The RCCC Counselor with ASI 7R serves as the advisor to the Commander and the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) on the enlistment/transfer of Active Army Soldiers into the Reserve Component (RC). They coordinate with Active Army Career Counselors to ensure all eligible Soldiers are counseled regarding RC opportunities and benefits. They use the RETAIN system to collect Soldier and market data, schedule and track appointments, record Soldier eligibility, and produce electronically generated documents and statistical reports. They also prepare and conduct training for retention personnel, conduct pre-separation briefings, and manage the reenlistment incentive program.

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