MOS 79S Career Counselor Duty Descriptions

Battalion Career Counselor

The Battalion Career Counselor serves in an Expeditionary Signal Battalion and provides service to four companies, consisting of 491 Soldiers. Their primary responsibilities include reenlisting, extending, and counseling Soldiers on Active Duty and Reserve career opportunities. They offer advice and guidance on the Army Retention Program to the Battalion Commander, Command Sergeant Major, and company command teams. The Battalion Career Counselor also supervises, trains, and provides guidance to four company Retention NCOs. They act as a liaison with local personnel and finance offices to facilitate Army retention incentives. Additionally, they are responsible for preparing and maintaining statistics and reenlistment residual files for all enlisted Soldiers. They manage a retention program incentive (RPI) budget exceeding $20,000.

79S Career Counselor

The 79S Career Counselor plays a crucial role in assisting commanders with sustaining readiness and achieving the retention mission. They brief leaders and Soldiers on matters related to retention and reclassification actions. The 79S Career Counselor interprets regulations and provides guidance and career counseling to Soldiers. They assess Soldiers’ eligibility to reenlist or extend their service and counsel them on enlistment options and bonuses. In addition, they are responsible for processing reenlistment and extension documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance. The 79S Career Counselor handles reclassification actions and bars to reenlistment as required. They conduct staff assistance visits and retention interviews to support the overall retention program. Furthermore, they manage a retention program budget of $33,000.

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