MOS 70A Health Care Administrator

Duty Descriptions

70A Healthcare Administrator

Functions as the primary consultant to the commander regarding the regulations set forth by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; devises, supervises, and harmonizes administrative operations within various medical care environments; assesses the services provided by the organization and proposes enhancements to optimize the utilization of facilities, personnel, and other resources; advises the commander on matters pertaining to the delivery of healthcare; oversees a team of six soldiers; ensures the responsibility for all equipment.

Healthcare Administrator

Serves as the chief Healthcare Administrator, responsible for overseeing health support services, outpatient care, and maintenance of medical records to effectively support the operations of the 124th Fighter Wing; assumes a pivotal role within the administrative team, providing guidance and administrative assistance to the 111th Medical Group; collaborates with commanders on medical matters concerning staffing, operations, and individual medical preparedness; ensures adherence to medical standards and the policies established by the commander.

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