MOS 68Z, Chief Medical NCO Duty Descriptions

Command Sergeant Major (CSM) of the 68Z Multifunctional Medical Battalion (MMB)

As the Command Sergeant Major of a 250-Soldier Medical Battalion, I hold leadership over a diverse unit that includes a Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, a Medical Company Area Support (MCAS), and a Medical Company Ground Ambulance (MCGA). My role is to provide expert guidance and counsel to the Commander on enlisted matters, while also enforcing policies, regulations, and directives to uphold high standards. I am entrusted with translating the Commander’s intent, vision, and mission execution into action. The well-being and effectiveness of our personnel are my utmost priorities, as I am responsible for their health, discipline, morale, and welfare. I provide mentorship and training to the Operations Sergeant Major and the First Sergeants, ensuring their professional growth and assisting in their personnel assignments. Additionally, I facilitate talent management across the entire command, acting as a representative of the Commander in supervising critical aspects of battalion operations.

Chief Medical NCO (68Z)

In my capacity as the Chief Medical Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), I serve as the primary advisor for the U.S. Army South Command Surgeon Cell. This role involves overseeing a dedicated team of 28 officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians. My responsibilities extend to coordinating and funding clinical and medical operations engagements within our Area of Responsibility (AOR). Furthermore, I am tasked with organizing and executing medical training programs across ## countries in the AOR. I play a crucial role in receiving, publishing, and disseminating plans, orders, and reports. Ensuring the quality of Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs), awards, and other personnel actions falls under my purview. Lastly, I am responsible for the seamless integration of new arrivals into the Command Surgeon Cell, as well as ensuring the readiness of our section’s equipment and personnel for deployment.

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