MOS 68X Behavioral Health Specialist Duty Descriptions


The 68X20 Team Chief serves as the leader of a Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC) Medical Detachment. This role involves the worldwide deployment at short notice to support contingency operations and other assigned missions. The Team Chief is responsible for the overall well-being, discipline, training, and combat readiness of one soldier under their command. They augment behavioral health services by conducting briefs, psycho-educational classes, intakes, triages, and psychological assessments. Additionally, they manage and coordinate Behavioral Health outreach efforts. The Team Chief also handles personnel actions, including processing leave packets, in their capacity as the Orderly Room NCOIC.

68X Behavioral Health NCO

The 68X Behavioral Health NCO serves as a Platoon Sergeant in the Main Section of a Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC) Detachment. Their primary role is to support and augment Behavioral Health (BH) services and tasks at the battalion and installation level. This involves conducting prevention briefs, psycho-educational classes, initial intakes, triages, and psychological assessments. The Behavioral Health NCO is responsible for the health, welfare, morale, discipline, training, and combat readiness of seven soldiers. They also provide mentorship to two sergeants and assist in maintaining tactical equipment worth over $300,000.

NCOIC, Behavioral Health Services (BHS)

The NCOIC of the Department of Behavioral Health Services (BHS) is responsible for managing and overseeing the administrative support provided to the Chief of Behavioral Health. This role involves supervising a team of twenty-eight personnel, including eighteen assigned to direct patient care and eight assigned to dual duties of patient care and administrative support. The NCOIC supervises two soldiers and three civilians. They are accountable for the security and serviceability of over 10,000 patient records and equipment and supplies worth over $200,000. The NCOIC works closely with various installation command elements to coordinate and execute behavioral health-related missions.

Prevention Team NCOIC

The Prevention Team NCOIC provides management assistance for the technical and tactical operations of a forward-deployed Combat Stress Control Prevention team. They support a wide range of psychological and social services, including compiling caseload data, referring patients to appropriate mental health and medical clinicians, counseling soldiers experiencing emotional and social difficulties, facilitating group counseling and critical event debriefings, conducting unit behavioral health surveys, and managing administrative duties. The Prevention Team NCOIC is responsible for the health and welfare, training, counseling, and supervision of one soldier.

68X Behavioral Health NCO

The 68X Behavioral Health NCO serves as a direct caregiver, maintaining a caseload of 10-15 active-duty enlisted clients for one-on-one counseling and case management support. They are responsible for completing daily client notes and ensuring patient chart maintenance. Additionally, they provide front desk reception area coverage and crisis intervention for emergency walk-in clients. The Behavioral Health NCO is accountable for the clinical security of over 10,000 patient charts and provides direct supervision, counseling, and mentoring to one soldier.

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