Respiratory Specialist Duty Descriptions

Senior Respiratory Specialist

Provides supervision and guidance to subordinate personnel; executes and aids in advanced medical procedures such as thoracentesis, bronchoscopy, and tracheal intubation; operates sterilizing equipment and patient transport apparatus; formulates budgets, imparts respiratory support training to other medical care personnel, and contributes to research in practical teams; organizes, conducts, and assesses in-service training of respiratory care personnel; scrutinizes, consolidates, and prepares technical reports; serves as a liaison for pulmonary care with installation medical authorities; shapes the professional growth of three Soldiers.

Respiratory Specialist

Administers medical treatment based on physician’s diagnosis; operates specialized equipment, gathers medical history, and evaluates the patient; follows up and documents treatment outcomes, administers medications, and resolves any medical complications arising during treatment; calibrates and operates blood gas machines; places patients on continuous ventilator care if necessary; monitors and adjusts treatment based on outcomes; performs pulmonary functions or additional assessments as needed; transports patients requiring ventilator support via air and/or land; performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation when needed; receives training on core responsibilities and maintains qualifications.

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