MOS 68S Preventive Medicine Specialist Duty Descriptions

Major Duties:

Skill Level 1: At this skill level, the individual conducts preventive medicine inspections, surveys, and control operations. They also assist with preventive medicine laboratory procedures. Their role is primarily focused on supporting and contributing to the various preventive medicine activities under the guidance and supervision of higher-level personnel.

Skill Level 2: At this skill level, the individual performs the same duties as in Skill Level 1 but with the added responsibility of supervising subordinate personnel. They oversee and guide their team members in the performance of their duties related to preventive medicine inspections, surveys, control operations, and laboratory procedures.

Skill Level 3: At this skill level, the individual takes on a supervisory role in small preventive medicine services or units. They are responsible for organizing and managing various preventive medicine programs, such as water and food sanitation, hospital environment, entomological, epidemiological, and environmental stress surveillance programs. They also analyze and evaluate data collected from these programs. Additionally, they supervise the technical and administrative functions of preventive medicine activities.

Skill Level 4: At this skill level, the individual supervises medium-sized preventive medicine services or medical teams/detachments. They assist in the development of unit defense plans and operational orders. They review and provide recommendations on doctrine and training literature. Maintaining intelligence information and records is also part of their responsibilities. They establish quality control procedures for inspection programs and laboratory analysis, as well as develop community health education programs. Furthermore, they evaluate existing preventive medicine programs and make modifications as necessary to meet the needs of the population served.

Skill Level 5: At the highest skill level, the individual supervises large preventive medicine services or units, or they serve on a preventive medicine staff. Their staff activities involve writing, developing, and coordinating command-wide regulations and policies related to preventive medicine services. They participate in the command review and approval of subordinate unit activities. They also assist in planning and placing field medical units. Evaluating training programs and providing recommendations for improvement is another aspect of their role. Additionally, they participate in studies and reviews and maintain records of the strength, location, and employment of preventive medicine assets.

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