MOS 68Q Pharmacy Specialist Duty Descriptions

Pharmacy Department NCOIC

In the role of Pharmacy Department NCOIC, this individual assumes responsibility for the daily operations of the Outpatient pharmacy. Their duties include managing personnel, ensuring excellent customer service, maintaining accuracy in filling and dispensing medications, and providing patient counseling. They are entrusted with overseeing a pharmacy budget of $10 million and ensuring the provision of safe and high-quality pharmaceutical care. On a daily basis, they dispense over 900 medication orders to a beneficiary population of 21,000 enrolled individuals. They offer support to various units, including the JRTC OPS Group, 3/10 MTN DIV, 5th AVN BN, the 115th CSH, and all JRTC rotations.

68Q30 Pharmacy NCO

Within a brigade support medical company in the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), this individual serves as the Pharmacy NCO. Their mission involves providing echelon I and II combat health support on a global scale with rapid deployment capabilities. They hold direct responsibility for the management and accountability of over 400 lines of pharmaceuticals and controlled substances. Additionally, they oversee the operation of the aid station and the BMSO pharmacy. Their role encompasses preparing, controlling, and issuing pharmaceuticals. They are entrusted with ensuring the safety and professional growth of two NCOs and two Soldiers under their supervision.

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