MOS 68P Radiology Specialist Duty Descriptions

68P30 Radiology Assistant NCOIC

In the role of Radiology Assistant NCOIC, this individual assumes responsibility for the maintenance and tracking of radiological equipment medical maintenance repair tickets. They also serve as the radiology supply NCO, ensuring accurate tracking and updating of radiology inventory to maintain the mission capabilities of the radiology department. Their duties encompass all skill levels within their military occupational specialty (MOS). They establish work priorities and delegate tasks accordingly, working in collaboration with the NCOIC to ensure department compliance with JCAHO standards.

68P2O Squad Leader

Within the XXX Brigade Combat Team, XX Division (Air Assault), this individual serves as a Squad Leader in a Brigade Support Medical Company. Their mission involves providing Echelon I and II Combat Health Service Support on a global scale with rapid deployment capabilities. As a Squad Leader, they assist with the interpretation of radiographic images and perform radio graphic examinations. They are responsible for the well-being, morale, and combat readiness of two Soldiers under their leadership. Additionally, they oversee the daily maintenance and readiness of two tactical military vehicles and the accountability, maintenance, and mission readiness of two medical equipment sets valued over $400,000.

68P4O SR Radiology NCO

As the SR Radiology NCO, this individual assumes responsibility for the accountability of fixed and portable radiology equipment. They supervise the radiology department and perform duties across all skill levels within their MOS. Their role includes establishing work priorities, delegating tasks accordingly, and preparing technical, personnel, and administrative reports. They coordinate site preparation for the installation of radiographic equipment and provide assistance in personnel matters, supply economy procedures, and fiscal matters. They also prepare manpower survey reports and review operations to ensure compliance with JCAHO standards.

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