MOS 68M Nutrition Care Specialist Duty Descriptions

Nutrition Care Specialist

Functioning within a hospital, clinic, or field environment, the Nutrition Care Specialist delivers fundamental nutrition support. They provide nutritional treatment and counseling to patients both individually and in nutrition clinics. They develop age-specific nutritional plans and organize unscheduled food service for temporary patients. Additionally, they oversee the setup and utilization of expedient field kitchens. Their responsibilities extend to inspecting subsistence valued at over $20 million annually and performing recipient inspections for two prime vendor warehouses.

Nutrition Care Specialist

This individual provides medical nutrition therapy to over 1,000 active duty personnel and DoD beneficiaries. They assist dietitians in supervising food service, planning, and production. Conducting nutrition assessment screenings, they determine nutritional requirements and restrictions for patients. They offer recommendations on food item selection, procure raw food, and maintain food safety standards. Furthermore, they conduct sanitary inspections for outlying Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Combat Outpost (COPs) to ensure compliance with field sanitation standards.

68M30 Nutrition Care NCO CSH

In the role of a platoon sergeant within an 84-bed Combat Support Hospital (CSH), poised for rapid deployment in support of XVIII Airborne Corps operations, this individual serves as the senior Nutrition Care NCO in the Brigade. They provide tactical nutrition support utilizing the Containerized Kitchen (CK) and field sanitation equipment. Their responsibilities encompass supervising basic clinical dietetics functions in the dietary management and treatment of patients. Additionally, they are responsible for the health, welfare, morale, discipline, and performance of five NCOs and 16 Soldiers.

Nutrition Care Specialist

Assisting dietitians, this individual engages in individual and group counseling sessions with patients. They coordinate special diets based on patients’ medical conditions and nutritional requirements. Creating menus and preparing small quantity food portions are part of their responsibilities. They ensure compliance with intravenous nutrition guidelines and provide logistical support for consolidated dining facilities. Moreover, they supervise meal preparation and conduct inspections for 13 facilities as part of the Installation Sanitation Program (ISP).

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